296 Beach Road, Belvedere - Historic

Built in 1892 as the “honeymoon cottage” for Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Winthrop Bridge, a cottage at which to spend summers and weekends away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, the Belvedere Island estate dubbed “Landfall” has since been remodeled and expanded to a little over 5,000 square feet of living space for year-round use.

296 Beach Road, Belvedere - "Landfall"

And having been on the market for a few weeks asking $12.998 million, the property at 296 Beach Road has now been officially listed without a reduction in price.

Purchased for $5.8 million in 2001, the sellers estimate that they have invested an additional $2.5 million (plus) in property since, including the budget for the new kitchen.

296 Beach Road, Belvedere - Kitchen

The then master bedroom which was remodeled to replicate a ship’s cabin around 1932, the year the estate was was purchased by Miss Marion Huntington, the woman who dubbed it Landfall, remains in place.

296 Beach Road, Belvedere - Cabin Room

7 thoughts on “Belvedere Island Landfall Estate Listed for $13 Million”
  1. From remote cottage to one of many homes on the island. Any historians out there? How long would it have taken for a wealthy young couple to get from SF to this honeymoon cottage in 1892? I don’t think there was ferry service or a bridge yet. A private yacht? What would be the equivalent today to find remoteness, as transportation is faster and empty spaces get populated? Bodega Bay? Big Sur?

    1. I think your private yacht guess is correct. Either that or hire a boat. Probably a 45 minute trip. An equivalent remote getaway from SF would be … the Outer Sunset.

  2. I am the listing agent. I am trying to find an article I saw that described the ferry from Tiburon to below this house and then on to Sausalito for the big Northwestern Pacific ferry to the Ferry Building. I believe it was more into the 1920’s to 1940’s. But at the turn of that century it was by private boat or a horse to Sausalito I believe. More later. There is an article from the Marin Independent Journal from [1961] on the website LandfallBelvedere.com

  3. Ferry service from Berkeley to SF began in the late 1920’s. I know because my grandfather used to take this ferry daily. So it’s possible there was also a ferry from SF to Marin County at that time.

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