430 Horseshoe Hill Bolinas

Hidden away in Bolinas, with four structures constructed from reclaimed redwood on 3.4 acres of land, the “artist-musician-writer retreat” known as Briarcombe is on the market and listed for $3.8 million.

Built for Katherine Marsh and designed by architect Jeff Morse, 430 Horseshoe Hill Road incorporates Japanese and Crafstman styles, with “tranquil vibe(s) and forest views” (and a solar panel array that can power the entire estate).

430 Horseshoe Hill Bolinas - view

Up the hill from the Main and Bridge House, the Gate House includes a sound-proofed music studio accessed by way of a trap door.

The idyllic Cottage across the green overlooks the valley below.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dixon Hill

    That’s a masterpiece. Please don’t let it sell to someone with a fetish for white paint and granite. I love the butcherblock counters in the kitchen and the retro tilework in the bathroom.

    • Posted by zig

      LOL it does remind me of a different era in the Bay Area when it was more eccentric

  2. Posted by wcsf

    Stunning. Agree, don’t touch it. But is there a big market in the artist community for a $3.8M compound? I believe that’s about $45K/year just in property taxes.

  3. Posted by Someone stole my burrito

    I love 85% of this. I’d make some changes. That bathroom with the bath hole next to the tiny sink is a drunken accident waiting to happen. And I might try to sneak is so more windows.

  4. Posted by Mike

    Haha. A big market in the artist community of Bolinas. There are billionaires and multi multi millionaires hiding away there. This will be snatched up quickly, I am sure..

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      It is amazing how Bolinas went so quickly from sleepy hippy hideaway to a wealth magnet.

  5. Posted by Easwuud

    Finally found the ideal site to start my cult. Close to fresh oysters too.

  6. Posted by Dan Clark

    @Easwudd, will you be naming it “Blue Oyster Cult”?

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