399 5th Street Site

Plans to raze the All Stars Donuts shop at 5th and Harrison, and the adjacent building which Fitmob occupies at 5th and Clara, have been submitted to San Francisco’s Planning Department for review.

And as proposed, a nine-story building with 89 condos (18 studios, 24 one-bedrooms, and 47 two-bedrooms) will rise across the 365-399 5th Street site, with a little commercial space on the northeast corner of 5th and Harrison and an underground garage for 22 cars.

The studios have been designed to average 430 square feet apiece, the one-bedrooms 676 square feet, and the two-bedrooms average 945 square feet.  Ten of the units are slated to be Below Market Rate.

And while the Central SoMa site is currently only zoned for building up to 55-feet in height, the “Harrison/5th” development team is counting on an up-zoning of the site to 85-feet as envisioned in the City’s Central SoMa Plan in order to develop the site as proposed.

29 thoughts on “All Stars Donuts’ Days Are Numbered, Big Plans for Central SoMa Site”
  1. Good stuff. This location should really be used for a much taller building, but this is fine. Get it started today.

  2. With the demise of this shop as well as the one at the corner of Van Ness and Market, where am I supposed to go to find a donut?

    1. I know you are half joking, but that’s kind of a real question. With all the redevelopment happening, will there be any all night venues in SoMa where a person could get a quick bite at 3am?

        1. It’s more “let planning decide.” Although I did hear that one of the restaurants opening on Mint Plaza is requesting a late night permit. So all hope is not lost.

      1. Safeway w/ their own bakery.

        I haven’t eaten a donut in a couple of years (because it was free and a gift then.) I may have to buy and eat one now.

  3. Since this is such a very loud, unpleasant and continuously trafficy- location; offices on the first 5 levels and then 10 stories of residences above. Building quaint suburban-height residential devs regardless of location (in this case against a massive highway and exist ramp) is — moronic. Anyone (planners) home?

    1. Nine stories and 85 feet as proposed (and reported): “The floor-to-floor on each level above the ground floor will be 9’4”, making for a finished ceiling height of approximately 8’3”.”

      1. I believe there are light gauge steel systems that allow for 8’5″ ceilings on projects like this. This city needs housing, lets fit as many units on the site as the height/bulk allows. Squeezing in an extra floor!

  4. the lack of parking in this building stinks. Its very close to the freeway and would be a perfect building for commuters

    1. Oddly enough (for me) I agree on the parking comment. In a location like this, as long as the developer proposed to go DOWN with the parking, I wouldn’t care how deep a hole s/he dug. In this case, the market should really decide, IMO.

  5. Many a late-night, post-clubbing patty melt was ordered from this All Stars when I first moved here and lived around the corner 18 years ago.

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