Fairmont Hotel Lobby

The new owners of the historic Fairmont Hotel are planning to close its beauty parlor, the Mr. Eckhard Beauty Salon, on the mezzanine level of the hotel’s lobby and convert the space to six new guest rooms. The plans include the addition of eight new guest rooms across the mezzanine as well, replacing a number of storage rooms and offices that are no longer occupied by the hotel’s management.

The addition of 14 new guest rooms will bring the hotel’s total to 609.

As the Fairmont Hotel is San Francisco Landmark #185 and a registered Historic Resource, the renovation plans will need to be reviewed by the Planning Department’s Preservation Staff before being approved. And should the proposed alterations be deemed an impact to the character defining features of the historic building, an advanced environmental review will be required as well.

4 thoughts on “Fairmont Hotel Salon To Close, New Rooms To Be Added”
  1. In a way too bad, but if the space isn’t being well utilized (and certainly foolish to talk about having to do an environmental review for this!).

    Still, those rooms better have a lot of sound insulation – who wants to go to a high-calibre hotel like the Fairmont, and then get stuck in a room off a busy, noisy lobby?

  2. wow,Eckhard, cut my hair through my 20’s (razor cut!!) Also used to see him water skiing up at Berryessa…
    Haven’t been to his salon in many, many years…(no hair these days)
    It will be strange to see rooms up there at the top of the stairs overlooking the lobby….guess they will be reduced rate.

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