3501 Jackson Street

As we first reported five months ago:

Purchased for $11 million in 2007, a year-long renovation of the Presidio Heights home at 3501 Jackson Street was completed in 2008, resulting in an 8,000-square-foot home that’s “delightfully modernized and eminently sophisticated.”

3501 Jackson Kitchen

How sophisticated? Well, this is “his” master bath and closet (the shower is behind the sink, and of course she has a full-bath and master closet(s) of “her” own):

3501 Jackson Street: "His" Master Bath and Closet

While not officially on the market nor listed, the Presidio Heights home can be yours for $14,500,000. And if you have more than 6,800 bottles of wine to store in the proper cellar, we’ll be happy to take a few cases off your hands.

3501 Jackson Wine Cellar

Yesterday, 3501 Jackson Street was officially listed as “new” for $13.5 million.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Ham

    Stunningly and tastefully beautiful, inside and out.

  2. Posted by MarinaBoy

    Beautiful corner property. I am totally into wine so love the giant wine cellar but if the new owner is into cars, you could easily turn that space back into additional garage space. Not a fan of the location, but I would take it.

    • Posted by Ham

      You’re nuts, the location is beast. Easy access to GG Bridge, great for runners and lovers of outdoors right next to Presidio (SF’s true secret treasure- just as beautiful and a fraction of the traffic as GGPark), quiet and low traffic neighborhood, probably one of the best locations on the planet.

      • Posted by Conifer

        A lister getting angry?
        Presidio Heights has always been great but it is a little foggier than PacHts and less urban. Very few people choose it for the reasons chosen. People have always bought for the house and neighbors.

      • Posted by MarinaBoy

        Let me clarify the location is fine if you are not into views! I prefer Pacific Heights or The Marina with views. The location of Presidio Heights is great but this house has no views. I do love the property though.

  3. Posted by REpornaddict

    “and lovers of outdoors right next to Presidio (SF’s true secret treasure- just as beautiful and a fraction of the traffic as GGPark”

    I can only assume you’ve not witnessed the numbers of people and street traffic in the Presidio for Off the Grid the past few Sundays, then…

  4. Posted by jamesjr

    As I stated five months ago, the master’s master bath is stunning. The paneling alone gives me the vapors.

    • Posted by Amewsed

      Really? Does dark wood bring out primal urges or feelings? I thought the paneling is a bit too much. I might have grown some chest hair just looking at the photo.

  5. Posted by Denis

    I don’t know if I commented on this place before. It’ll be interesting to see if it moves in the spring market. VC money seems to avoid anything with a whiff of traditional like wall-to-wall carpeting and laminate. I love the interior of this place and the courtyard is just lovely. The location is great (I used to live on this block). The drawbacks: 1) South side of the street. North side has partial views and is open to the Presidio. 2) Street presence. It’s kind of a funky shape. 3) Walking up Locust/Spruce to Laurel Village is a pain.

  6. Posted by Gur

    The finishing details seem to be at odds (thankfully) with our local market’s tendency to strip bare every detail.

    There is a flaw, however, with the main floor layout. The dining room is undersized relative to the 8000 square foot home. It’s staged with only six chairs and really can’t hold much more. In a home of this size, you’d like to seat at least 10 to 12 comfortably for dinner parties and a holiday dinner. The whole layout of the butler’s pantry, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room and pantry seem to be off. Some of it could have been due to restrictions in the original home, but there are odd details like the refrigerator hidden around the corner when a properly zoned kitchen could have been designed.

  7. Posted by Conifer

    People who spend $13.5m do not worry about “properly zoned kitchens” and do not cook their own spaghetti and meatballs.

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      Sounds as if they don’t care about their servants who do the work in the kitchen either.

    • Posted by Gur

      Actually, more than you think. And those that do maintain kitchen staff do care about an undersized dining room that is exposed to the staff in the kitchen. This layout appeals to neither parties.

  8. Posted by RealTalk

    Did anyone see the Lolita poster in the children’s room?

    Iluminati much?

  9. Posted by Leland

    Dark, cluttered, old fashion, no views. Time to move on.

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