3159 Baker Street

The very first ‘Top Chef’ home, in which the show’s Season 1 contenders lived while competing in San Francisco, the five-bedroom pad at 3159 Baker Street was listed for rent at $12,500 a month back in 2009.  And soon thereafter, the property was listed for sale asking $3,895,000, but it never sold.

Returned to the market five months ago with the owner asking $6.5 million, the property was subsequently listed by an agent for $5,498,000 [important editor’s note: the mute button is in the upper right corner].

And on Friday, the list price for the former Top Chef pad was reduced to $4,999,000.

19 thoughts on “Price Cut For The Original Top Chef Pad”
    1. I guess that would make the other 90% of the Bay Area that is not SF a burglar’s delight since those city’s homes are mostly single story.

      In the old days steel bars were used to thwart break-ins. Nowadays burglar alarms are the preferred technology.

  1. The agent needs to:

    (1) Build a website that doesn’t look like 1998.
    (1a) Learn that autoplay music is a no-no.
    (2) Realize that “Diningroom” “Familyroom” and “Livingroom” are each actually two words.

    1. Website, autoplay, and spelling? Pssft, that’s for working stiffs. Focus on the (potentially up to $125,000 in) commissions!

      I’m in the wrong field.

  2. wow, this is like a jamboree of agents who didn’t get the listing.

    is the asking price off? photos are nice.

    ok, that music sounded like magician David Copperfield starring in the Nut Cracker.

    1. Too close to Lombard. Unless I am mistaken the backyard IS overlooking Lombard, and though I hate the term, Lombard is a true “traffic sewer”. This is like having a freeway in your back yard.

    1. Something that size in that location is not going to go for under $3 million, no matter how ugly. It would have to be a completely falling-apart demo job to go in the $2 million range. I agree it’s overpriced, but I also think it would sell very quickly if they priced it around $4M again.

  3. UPDATE: Having failed to sell after being reduced to $4,999,000 and subsequently withrdrawn from the MLS in June, the ‘Top Chef’ house at 3159 Baker Street has just been re-listed anew for $5,888,000.

  4. UPDATE: Having been actively on the market for about 15 months without a reported sale, the asking price for 3159 Baker Street has just been increased to…$6.5 million.

  5. UPDATE: The orignial Top Chef pad at 3159 Baker Street has just been listed anew for $4.488 million (and an official “1” day on the market according to all industry stats).

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