3501 Jackson Street

Purchased for $11 million in 2007, a year-long renovation of the Presidio Heights home at 3501 Jackson Street was completed in 2008, resulting in an 8,000-square-foot home that’s “delightfully modernized and eminently sophisticated.”

3501 Jackson Kitchen

How sophisticated?  Well, this is “his” master bath and closet (the shower is behind the sink, and of course she has a full-bath and master closet(s) of “her” own):

3501 Jackson Street: "His" Master Bath and Closet

While not officially on the market nor listed, the Presidio Heights home can be yours for $14,500,000.  And if you have more than 6,800 bottles of wine to store in the proper cellar, we’ll be happy to take a few cases off your hands.

3501 Jackson Wine Cellar

8 thoughts on “Sophisticated And “Off The Market” (But Available For $14.5M)”
  1. Interesting that the wine cellar looks like a garage from the outside of the house. Love the HIS Master Bath! great house don’t love the location.

  2. I’ve noticed that art work seems usually to be pixelated in real estate marketing photographs, but not here. If I’m not mistaken I see 3 works by some very well known (and very expensive, of course) artists. I’m not an art expert, so for all I know they’re all rented look-alikes, but if I actually owned what these works might be, I certainly wouldn’t want these photos plastered on the internet, complete with an address. This is an amazing property.

  3. Great house. I have always admired its grand stature from the street with the beautiful black lacquer on the garage doors. No view is a killer but the price isn’t too bad considering the size. Still think its overpriced. Quite a few higher end homes languishing out there on the market.

    Another grand home coming online with views any day now that should cause quite a stir 😉

  4. Wow, would love to see “before” shots because this renovation looks perfect. Feels like being in the moment of being top of the world in some far-off romantic age, yet with just the right amount of modern touches and sense of openness. Looks like the owner is moving on because they’ve run out of room in the wine closet…

  5. I can never understand why, in there multimillion dollar mansions, they put microwave ovens at knee level. Who is going to lay on the floor to determine the setting? Are they for children?

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