424 Jessie #6

Listed for $4.5 million last July, the price for the 3,221 square foot penthouse atop the Silver Building, which fronts Mint Plaza at 424 Jessie Street, was reduced to $4.3 million in November.  And in December the unit was de-listed from the MLS without a reported sale.

Re-listed for $4.3 million two weeks ago, the asking price for the three-level condo, which is outfitted with a high-end kitchen and custom fabricated steel and wood staircase by Lundberg Design which spans the units three floors and provides access to the unit’s private roof deck, with a built-in grill and hot tub, has just been reduced another $305,000.

424 Jessie #6 Roof Deck

Now asking $3,995,000, or roughly $1,200 per square foot, for 424 Jessie #6.

10 thoughts on “Price Cut(s) For Designer Mint Plaza Penthouse”
  1. Can someone please enlighten me whether or not the flooring is engineered/laminate or real wood? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. It’s a super-cool place but I find it a bit lacking in charm or warmth.

  2. Upon studying the photos more, I’ve come to the conclusion that this place must be a lot smaller than the (widening) photography leads one to believe. Cuz otherwise I can’t figure out why someone wouldn’t snap it up.

    As for the hood, it’s really not that bad, gonna get a lot better fairly soon, and, besides, aren’t lofts supposed to be about “cutting edge”, “gritty” neighborhoods?

  3. Gosh, I can’t imagine why this hasn’t been snapped up. As another commenter said, it would be fine if they could move it to a different neighborhood. Of course no one is going to buy it for that price. For nearly 4 million dollars, you could buy something in Noe Valley, the Castro, possibly Cow Hollow or the Marina, maybe Pac Heights, etc. Why would anyone pay that amount of money to live somewhere with a bunch of drunken/drug addled skels hanging around on the street out front? They wouldn’t, which is why this hasn’t sold.

    1. It has one parking space. It’s in a garage that opens right onto mint plaza itself. It has great “Batman” appeal.

      1. The location is unfortunate, because these are some really cool, very nice lofts. But where else would one find an old warehouse to convert? Wouldn’t find it in a swanky, new part of town, that’s for sure.

        1. This building wasn’t an old warehouse was it? IIRC it was just a building that they took down to the studs concrete beams during earthquake renovation and found that the effect was quite nice.

          1. Actually, I don’t know if it was a warehouse or not. I just assumed it was, since many lofts are warehouse conversions. My bad if I’m incorrect in my assumption.

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