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While the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation has downsized their plans for an affordable development at Eddy and Taylor, the developers of the proposed market-rate building to rise up to 12-stories on either side of the Metropolis Hotel at the corner of Mason and Turk have increased the density of their project to include 155 units, up from 109 as originally proposed.

19-25 Mason Street Project Rendering: Turk Street Facade

As redesigned by Arquitectonica, who appear to have replaced SB Architects (who had replaced Heller Manus) as the architects of record, the increased density included a change in the building’s unit mix which now totals 43 studios (up from none), 79 one-bedrooms (up from 65), and 33 two-bedroom units (down from 44).

19-25 Mason Street Project Rendering: Mason Street Facade

The proposed ground floor retail space, which would front both Mason and Turk, now totals 2,825 square feet (up from 2,400), and the proposed garage now includes space for 68 cars (up from 55) and 248 bikes (up from 120).

Assuming approvals, the development team is aiming to break ground on the project by the end of 2016 and construction is expected to cost $44 million and take 18 months to complete.

The Hotel Metropolis, with Farmerbrown on the ground floor, would not be altered as part of the project.

23 thoughts on “New Designs For Market-Rate Tenderloin High-Rise”
    1. Arquitectonica like to design one building for the planning commission, and a second with all of the nice little touches value-engineered out that will actually be built.

      1. The brick won’t be structural. Just decorative, like on Pac Bell Park.

        Actually, like Adam said above, the brick won’t happen anyway. It will be value-engineered out.

  1. will be really curious to see what these go for in the middle of the ghetto. will be a good indicator of the frothiness or reality of the market

    1. this is hardly the middle of the ghetto, as I write from my laptop at Mikkeller bar right across the street from this lot

      1. Mikkeller (which I frequent) and Farmer Brown (across the street) are little islands of safety in an otherwise ghetto sea. This is still a crime-ridden and dirty part of town. Hallidie plaza isn’t helping any either.

        1. Mikkeller is the only reason I go anywhere near the ‘Loin these days. When I was younger (and new to SF) I’d frequent many of the bars and restaurants deeper in the ghetto, but I have to admit I just don’t want to put up with the blight and squalor anymore. I’ve never felt that unsafe there, just disgusted.

  2. Very simple…but it’s cute. I really like the gradient, and it’ll probably be the first thing to go when they decide to change the design after approval.

  3. Why would anyone want to live in this neighborhood until the police clear out all the drugs and vagrants?
    You couldn’t pay me to live here as it is.

    1. The BIG-designed residential/hotel/(arts center? ) project will be built right across Turk from this property.

  4. It would be interesting to see what these sell for. Why would anyone who can afford market rate actually want (and pay) to live in the ghetto?

  5. Too bad the structure doesn’t go a tad bit taller. The two hidden faces of the L shaped lot would read nicely from that corner of Market St. as they extend upwards. The floors could even set back from the Hotel Metropolis if the Planning Dept. were to be concerned about the proposal overwhelming the existing building on the corner. That said, great infill project — as mentioned in the comments above, we’ll have to wait and see when the bait and switch occurs in regards to the brick veneer.

  6. Well, the TL could be thought of of Dante’s Gate, and Dante’s Hell, and Satan’s Village. This locale is merely Dante’s Gate. It has it’s advantages; I dwell nearby. Can walk to union sq, nob hill, bart to the mission or beyond almost instantly, and if you can’t afford cable the street scene’s almost as amusing. as long as you walk fast you don’t usually get messed with, whereas in oakland, right next to city hall, i once got a fat black eye about 3 minutes after i came up from the bart station, in broad daylight. i’m just saying.

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