A former office building for the Belt Railroad which once ran by the site, the “Beltline Building” which fronts the Embarcadero between Pier 27 and Pier 29 has seen better days.  And with San Francisco’s new cruise ship terminal having opened on Pier 27 behind, and big plans for Pier 29 on the boards, it’s time to renovate the Beltline.

The first floor of the 3,000 square-foot building will become a small commercial space for a café, restaurant or retailer, while the second floor will remain office space.  An outdoor patio will sprout behind.

And as proposed, the public restrooms which were to be constructed in an all-new structure as part of the Cruise Terminal Plaza project will be included in the renovation of the Beltline Building as well.

4 thoughts on “New Life For Beltline Building And Bathrooms As Well”
  1. Its a great building. Definitely deserving of a good renovation, restoration. I am excited to see how it turns out.

  2. It definitely is a great little building, but feels stranded somehow. Maybe they can better tie the buildingto the rest of the new park with some planting around it, especially on the side with that exterior stair and the utility boxes (looks somewhat unsightly). And maybe the patio could wrap around to also be along the street to engage the sidewalk as well as the back of the building? Like the Waterfront Restaurant and Cafe not too far away.

  3. On a related note, I understand that the Amtrak Station in the building at Mission and Embarcadero will be vacating those premises for the Temporary Transbay Terminal. I wonder what is in the offing for that building…

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