1450 15th Street Site

The plans to raze the existing one-story warehouse on the northwest corner of 15th and Shotwell and build a five-story building with 23 condos on the Mission District lot are slated to be approved this week, a plan which was disapproved in 2010 when a four-story building with ten apartments was proposed to rise on the site but the warehouse was identified as a “potential historic resource” for the neighborhood.

Following the disapproval in 2010, the 1450 15th Street warehouse and lot was sold for $1,450,000 in October of 2012 and the new plans were drawn:

1450 15th Street Rendering

As designed by Kotas/Pantaleoni Architects, the development will rise to a height of 50 feet, with 13 one-bedrooms (ranging in size from 750 to 1,000 square feet) and 10 two-bedrooms (ranging from 775 to 1,450 square feet) over parking for 16 autos and 23 bikes.  The entrance to the garage would be by way of Shotwell.

San Francisco’s Planning Department is recommending the new project be approved as proposed.

13 thoughts on “Take 2.0 For Mission District Development Disapproved In 2010”
  1. Please approve this yesterday – so the needle infested surprise encampments can migrate somewhere else…

    thank you

  2. If looking to buy, IMHO, this section of Mission (north of 16th and east of mission) will have the best upside in 3-4 years of anywhere in the city.

  3. Right developer or right time? Pretty shady that this was disapproved in 2010, but perhaps the attitudes about the area shifted within planning. Assigning historical significance to this warehouse was clearly ridiculous. Glad to see more housing in this area, especially modern housing given the seismic hazards of the area

  4. As someone who is adamantly pro-preservation, I am stunned that this warehouse was even considered. There are many more buildings worthy of preservation. Tear it down and building housing. Shotwell could use some sprucing up.

  5. I thought this was supposed to be the sight of an affordable housing project. Isn’t that near by, somewhere on shotwell??

    1. The proposed affordable housing from the developers of Vida (New Mission Theater condos) is on Shotwell and Chavez, current home of Excellent Automotive.

  6. The design and rendering are actually by Ian Birchall and Associates, who are no longer the architect for the project.

  7. Anyone low if this passed the planning commission last thursday – Dec 11

    I live in the ‘hood and would like to see this built

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