2111 Broderick Kitchen

With Downton Abbey helping drive the trend, stainless steel and industrial ranges are out while old-school stoves with style, like La Cornue, are in.  Even if only a CornuFé.

And on this day of thanks, here’s to hoping your home and stoves are warm, your pantry is plentiful, and your table is overflowing with family and friends. Safe travels if you are and we’ll see you next week.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by mfantasia

    What a breath of fresh air.

  2. Posted by Joel

    Methinks steampunk interior design could actually become a thing.

    • Posted by Futurist

      Ah……this is hardly steampunk; more like pretending to be a (faux) French Provincial kitchen.

      Modernism will prevail. Simplicity, clarity, honesty. The hallmarks of true quality design.

  3. Posted by Live Smart

    Warmth, tradition, the classics never go out of style. That’s why certain architecture endures for centuries, and other not so much. I doubt the asbestos acoustic ceilings from the 1970’s and the avocado green kitchen will ever come back (beyond a set piece on the television show to evoke nostalgia.)

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