With new gold fixtures, marble countertops and a La Cornue range in the completely reconfigured and remodeled kitchen, along with a new outdoor living room, complete with a television mounted over a gas fireplace and an “alfresco kitchen” (built-in grill and fridge), the Pacific Heights Victorian at 2111 Broderick Street has just returned to the market listed for $4,499,000 with 4,250 square feet of “lavish living space.”

2111 Broderick Yard

Purchased as a three-unit building for $2.6 million two months ago, you’ll also find a newly remodeled and “opulent” master bath with clawfoot tub and curbless marble shower on the top floor of the home.

2111 Broderick Bath

What we couldn’t find, however, was any record of an approved unit merger or permits for the kitchen and baths.

UPDATE:  While the Planning Department’s Property Information site doesn’t include a record of a permit for a remodeling of the kitchen and bathrooms, it does exist and was issued on 8/14 (as correctly noted by a plugged-in reader).  And in fact, it was specifically issued for a remodeling of the kitchens and bathrooms in all three of the individual units (2109, 2109A, and 2111).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by B

    What happens to that teevee when it rains?

    • Posted by Joshua

      Guess we’ll find out today.

    • Posted by BobN

      They make ’em for outdoor use. Usually pretty pricey, though I saw one on clearance for 80% off… still over $1000.

  2. Posted by CH

    Not a fan of the gold fixtures but otherwise a great job with the kitchen, smart to flip the layout and add the windows.

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I thought condos were for those who don’t like landscaping? This SFH takes stripping the greenery away to a new level.

    Nice integration of a few classic details here and they got the fireplace heights right.

  4. Posted by mercury613

    (Mostly) very nicely done.

  5. Posted by soccermom

    Apparently if you are broker and a contractor, you can tighten up the timelines nicely.

    Seems tough to argue with the finished product. Even Conifer might like this one.

  6. Posted by Mikey woodz

    This will be interesting, no way there could have been a merger that quick, and no permits issued? Looks nice but sounds like a can of worms

    [Editor’s Note: See UPDATE above.]

  7. Posted by seriously

    if you own a building you should be able to combine units however you see fit.

    the house is gorgeous.

    the tv in the bathroom is questionable, but eh…

  8. Posted by EBGuy

    For some reason this one doesn’t show up on the (supposedly) all inclusive sfplanning page. I queried [2109] Broderick on the permit search page and got this:
    Application Number: 201408133772
    Description: 3 BATHROOM REMODEL, 3X KITCHEN REMODEL. COMPLY NOV 20346180, UNIT 2109, 2109A, 2111
    Cost: $72,000.00

    [Editor’s Note: Great catch and since updated above.]

    • Posted by EBGuy

      This one is interesting as well (is the uhhh, clarification on file?):
      Application Number: 201409085757

  9. Posted by katdip

    how do they do this level of remodel in 2 months? is that typical?

    • Posted by thedude

      Looks like it’s mostly cosmetic stuff- paint, refinish floors, etc. The building systems- plumbing, electrical, insulation- were not updated. There’s even a permit to “sister concrete to existing brick” foundations. This is an entirely aesthetic renovation, not an actual improvement to the structure.

    • Posted by Joshua

      There was still a crew working on it today.They looked like they were hustling.

      Not typical, but possible. Starbuck’s in Laurel Village is renovating the entire store in three weeks.

  10. Posted by rich

    Some crown moulding in the bath would be a nice finish for the price.

  11. Posted by SimpleSimon

    We are short on housing, so of course it makes sense to take two housing units off the market. This is an excellent example of why I voted yes on G.

    • Posted by Realestateguru

      If you voted G, then more units will be combined and taken off the market. Thanks for allowing me to increase rents!!!

    • Posted by Conifer

      Anyone who votes yes on G will find their vote invalidated by the courts. It is, simplesimon, the most ridiculous proposition ever proposed. Even in western European countries with socialist governments, no one taxes the principal of an investment.

  12. Posted by Dave

    This place is a prop G. Time bomb.
    If they don’t find a buyer, get the permits signed off (including adding footing to the back fence), get the permits finalled, and close escrow in 60 days they are going to pay $1.1milllion in prop G taxes.

  13. Posted by CB

    Whatever the legal status, this is a SIngle family ( if it walks like a duck…) home with in law unit. If this is a Prop G time bomb then Prop G is even worse than one thought. This house was long on the market, the property was run down and in need of work.

    Now the property looks nice, a wonderful improvement from the street, hopefully a family will now occupy…. What type of mind crafts a bill that would just let this home sit empty, continue in a state of disrepair all because someone bootlegged a unit in that probably never should have.

    Vote yes on Prop G if you want more ratty looking, deferred maintanence buildings lining our streets, many clearly single family dwellings, if they walk like such a duck…

    Prop G is an obamanation of public policy…. If you must tax, tax all, don’t pick winners, you are not that smart. Therefore increase the transfer tax ( if one must) on all property in the first 12-24 months with reasonable exclusions for hardship….

  14. Posted by jamesjr

    It looks like brass is back.

  15. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The sale of 2111 Broderick Street has just closed escrow with a reported contract price of $4,850,000.

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