233 Laidley Street

Designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture and built by Design Line Construction, the modern four-bedroom Glen Park home at 233 Laidley Street has just hit the market listed for $4.2 million.

233 Laidley Street

With functional walls of glass at either end, cross ventilation isn’t an issue.  And the views are rather sublime.

233 Laidley Main Floor

On the main floor, a wall of rift-sawn oak veneer cabinetry runs the length of the 3,400 square-foot home, “tying the living area, kitchen, and dining area into one cohesive space,” while floor-to-ceiling glass in the master suite and dining area “opens the interior spaces to a dramatic view of downtown San Francisco.”

233 Laidley Master Bedroom View

34 thoughts on “Oh Laidley Lay!”
  1. Wow. Just wow.

    I know, I know. The glass walls will trap heat and they will be covered up with shutters or drapes or other window coverings, but…

    1. Actually, cars driving in the other direction – on the higher roadway – will get a great view into the house.
      They will look right into the second floor window.

  2. I want to like the main floor for hosting gatherings, but there doesn’t appear to be a powder room on it. (Google 2013.0072D for the early floor plans with the site permit application.) From the photos, it looks like they kept the powder room on the lower level but moved it closer to the stairs. They should have done something different with the door to hide the hinges.

    The plans have some other odd usability quirks, but who knows if things changed when it was built.

  3. I know Laidley is prime Glen Park but being on the lower level of the split section of the street is pretty crappy… 4.2MM here is insane.

  4. I like this a lot but oak seems such an odd (and justifiably disfavored) choice for the wood. There must be something more attractive between the hue levels of maple and walnut (cherry being the obvious choice but not here given how much it darkens and reddens with UV).

    Also agree with the comment above about “functional glass” (what an obnoxious phrase; the more specific “sliding” not fancy enough) = bugs. Our new house has screens on all of the windows, which seems like overkill in this area and is, undeniably, a little view-compromising for us; but the complete lack of any flies (including fruit flies) has been such a wonderful thing that I haven’t been the least bit tempted to get rid of them yet.

    1. Oh you moved shza! Where did you move to? Are you back in San Francisco? We bought a second house in Glen Park and just submitted plans to The City to expand it. We got the typical neighbor resistance.

      1. Bob — Yep, and thanks. NVJ — we’re still in Piedmont; our kids are fully integrated in the schools and other activities and we’ve been happy there. We just moved about a mile up the hill. Bigger space, bigger views, still central enough to have an easy public transportation or casual carpool commute. I have little doubt that our timing was probably about as poor as it could be — it felt like we were at a peak this summer — but our loan rate is pretty low (4% even, no points, 30-year fixed) and we were just ready to move.

      2. Great news – congratulations. Re Piedmont, that is a very smart move from a financial perspective, and, of course, it is a very nice area. My financial advisor has been telling us for years that we’d be wise to leave SF and buy in Piedmont (where he lives) where the public schools are great and you can buy about twice the house for the same $$. I’d save $50,000/yr on tuition alone, which pays for a lot of mortgage. But it’s only money . . . I love my 18 minute commute, our kids’ school is awesome, albeit expensive, and my wife, who calls the shots anyway, would never live outside a city center.

      1. Buying a north facing lot on Laidley for 410K in 2012 is a much better buy than the broad stroke you just colored with, soccermom.

  5. I do a lot of photography and 3D rendering work. I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of these images are renders.

    1. Dan,

      Tell me the very first picture on this post is a 100% accurate, non-postproduction image.

      And then be certain to provide us w/ how to contact you to “create” similar images.

  6. Trader Joe’s now sells Jamon Iberico from Spain. Quite tasty, had it twice. Wished they sold it years ago.
    I thought the Hungarian horses (and their riders) were better, descended from the Mongolians and Genghis Khan.

    This house not selling isn’t a surprise. There are feng shui principles about having large windows both in the front of the house and back of the house. Positive energy comes into the house and immediately exits the house, never staying.

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