233 Laidley Street

Designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture and built by Design Line Construction, the modern four-bedroom Glen Park home at 233 Laidley Street hit the market two months ago listed for $4.2 million.

Delisted three weeks later, the 3,400 square-foot home with a wall of rift-sawn oak veneer cabinetry that runs the length of the open main floor and with walls of functional windows at either end has just been listed anew without any reduction in the price but having shed all but “1” day on the market.

233 Laidley Main Floor

30 thoughts on “Oh Laidley Lay: The Refrain”
  1. Please – they are trying to market the shoulder between Upper Noe and Glen Park as cool. [Somebody] will buy this.

  2. I gotta say, I think Laidley Street is one of San Francisco’s coolest. Secret staircases, amazing views, unique architecture of various sizes, and curving diverse topography. And within walking distance to cute Glen Park village and Bart. I much prefer it over most of Noe’s grid like streets and pretentiousness.

    1. I am picturing cars on the upper roadway that will literally be looking straight into and through the living space, for $4+ million.

      1. That was my initial reaction — it’s like a fishbowl or the experiments where you live in a store’s display window. First order of the day for the new owner may be some window coverings — unless the windows are polarized.

      1. Huh? Not sure why a “label” is necessary. It’s a nice high quality custom house that will be broadly marketed and receive a market price. Just because someone has been successful, and can buy a new, custom house doesn’t make them pretentious or special. These houses sure do bring out the judgmental among us.

        1. dude read the post, I was not saying anything about the house. I called Noe Valley pretentious generally, and said I prefer Glen Park is all, especially Laidley Street. I actually rather like the house and pass no judgement on it….

    2. people around there are more inclined to walk to the Church @ 30th stuff. Glen Park village is a several long blocks further

      1. That was my thought too. My wife and I actually toured this property and then walked on into the “village.” Quite a hike.

    1. We toured both of these as well (it’s a form of exercise). Both very nice homes though thought the Randall St address overpriced.

  3. I’m actually glad to see modern homes/remodels happening in SF, they are a welcome addition to the rich, varied architectural tradition of the city. However, so many are done without any real thought, beyond “shock and awe”. Two huge banks of windows, lots of natural light…sounds great, right? But not when they are basically at street level to that upper road. This seems to happen so often with spec houses, is it really so hard to think about how the new owners will actually live in these homes?

    1. Not so much “how, ” but “who?” What with the amount of square footage and number of en suite bedrooms. Certainly not your standard nuclear family.

  4. wow…thanks for the tip on streetview. Love looking out my 4.2 million dollar front window directly at a retaining wall.

  5. I think this is photoshopped, and not in a good way either. This part of Laidley is really amazing, though this house is kind of hidden behind a retaining wall. Harry Street is part of my morning run and is a magical wooden staircase similar to the ones on Telegraph Hill.

    I honestly prefer this part of Glen Park over Noe. You get great views without the fog of Grand View and you are still close to the shops of Upper Noe.

  6. So I just went to the Thursday night tour since it is just a few blocks from where I live and I would like to share my impressions: it is not on that amazing 100 block of Laidley with all the architectural homes but it still is a very nice block. I counted three homes being remodeled on my walk up there. There is a lot happening here.

    The home itself is on the downslope side of Laidley but it is reasonably private. You cannot look into the front windows from the sidewalk, and while you could by driving by on the elevated street, there is almost no traffic here. There are motorized blinds you could pull down for privacy.

    The main floor is very open and would be good for entertaining. There are great views from this level and a balcony overlooking The City. The design is very modern, almost sterile. I think Futurist would like it 🙂 Everything is white, except for some very beautiful quarter sawn oak built-in cabinetry. The floors are concrete, with radiant heating. The fit and finish are to the quality you would expect at this price point. Everything is done right.

    Upstairs are three bedrooms, two small rooms and one master. The real star of the house is the balcony off the master bedroom, with 180+ views from San Bruno Mountain to downtown. Holly Park feels like it is in your bedroom with you.

    There is an extensive area downstairs with a family room, 1/2 bath, then even lower is a guest bedroom with bath. Behind that is about 600 square feet of not very usable space with numerous closets that they have staged as a workout room. On the bottom is the small backyard.

    All in all it feels smaller than 3800 square feet, I don’t know why. It really has amazing balconies and views and I expect that it will move at at this price.

    1. Funny you should mention the quality of the fit and workmanship. The first thing we noticed was some ornamental flashing across the front below the window with a seam very clumsily joined with a rivet which buckles the metal. Couldn’t believe it was left that way.

      Otherwise, largely agree with your detailed description.

    2. Thanks for the report! It’s great to hear first hand reports, rather than web-based speculation. Is it shielded from the row of houses that line the street above? It seemed like that exposed front was overlooked.

  7. I saw this on the Tour as well. Given all the snarky comments here, I was expecting something much worse.

    This home is great for entertaining and has wonderful views out the back. What I liked best were the heated floors. Most agents wore the booties provided, but I went sock-footed and really noticed it, especially the entire downstairs slab. Also the fixtures and finishes were top notch.

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