298 Chestnut Street: "Villa de Martini"

Built on triple-wide Telegraph Hill lot in 1929, the Mediterranean-styled “Villa de Martini,” complete with arched doorways and hand-painted palazzo and silver leaf ceilings, has been on the market for about five months.

298 Chestnut Street Living Room

Originally listed for $16 million, last month the list price was increased to $16.8 million.  And then this morning, the price was cut to $14.888 million, hinting at the target market (and interest) for the home.

Listed at 6,166 square feet, which appears to include the detached garage that’s equipped with a Tesla charging station, the villa at 298 Chestnut Street was purchased for $8,750,000 in late 2004 but has since been “painstakingly remodeled,” preserving much of the home’s original architectural detailing, not including within the new kitchen (nor baths).

298 Chestnut Kitchen

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sausalito_res

    Didn’t see the “before”, but that remodel is stunning! This isn’t the fashion, but I like that the architect/designer didn’t tear-out a lot of interior walls. I really hope that no one would feel the need to give this the white-box treatment. Great taste in furnishings and art, too!

  2. Posted by Zugamenzio Farnsworth

    this is GOOD STUFF.

  3. Posted by BigV

    price cuts in pac heights and wild appreciation around mission dolores / liberty hill
    a shift in culture / tastes of those with $$$ ?

  4. Posted by g

    Money and taste. What an unusual combination.

  5. Posted by NoeNeighbor

    Another $10 -$12 Million in price cuts and I will be in the market for this.

  6. Posted by BobN

    I assume it’s staged.

  7. Posted by Mark F.

    Gorgeous house, still priced too high.

  8. Posted by Bruce

    This is a very beautiful property, although the kitchen, which is nice, doesn’t belong in the house. And it seems odd to me that with over 6,100 square feet and an asking price or over 14 million that there are only 2 bedrooms. I know there’s supposed to be a 3rd, but it’s on the lowest level (aka basement) and seems to be an odd shape. But it’s very beautiful.

  9. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: Another Big Price Cut For Villa De Martini, now asking $13 million for the urban estate.

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