41 Cumberland Street Facade
Following a down to the studs renovation, expansion and opening up, the five-bedroom home at 41 Cumberland Street sold for $3.15 million in February of 2010 having been listed for $3.395 million at the time.

41 Cumberland Rear

While there have been a couple of changes to the interior design of the home since 2010, such as those to the living room below, it’s the demographics of the Mission Dolores neighborhood which have changed the most.

41 Cumberland Living Room: Before and After

And with 3,863 square feet of finished space, 41 Cumberland has just hit the market listed for $5 million, or roughly $1,294 per square foot for the contemporary home which is half a block from Mission Dolores Park.

41 Cumberland Bedroom

9 thoughts on “Is $5 Million The New $3 Million Near Mission Dolores Park?”
  1. I wonder when Dolores park is going to consist of slightly volumed live soft jazz and butlers serving people PBR on silver trays. This city…

  2. Whoever bought this is just out of their mind. It’s got 8-foot ceilings, and little that is attractive from a design or functionality standpoint. Paying $5M for something doesn’t make it worth that much except to people who fear that if they don’t “act now” the price will always be higher tomorrow. Better to get something that is great than settle for mediocrity, whatever the price.

  3. Whoever bought this spent 3.15, not 5M. 3.15 for 3800 square feet of completely renovated space, with a backyard, on a very desirable street, is an incredibly good deal versus what it would go for today, even taking into account the low ceilings (which I also dislike and would not have done if I had the freedom of a full gut job to work from).

    Maybe it won’t get $5M now, but I’m sure it’ll be up at least $1M versus what it went for in 2010.

  4. Info from a friend who lives in the neighborhood is that Facebook employees have been buying up properties in the Dolores Heights area. That could explain some of the crazy prices. Sanchez, Cumberland, etc. Zuckerberg’s SF place is at 21st and San Jose.

  5. The “crazy” prices don’t really surprise me, given prices in Noe and Mission, both of which are (in my view) inferior to Dolores Heights. Dolores Heights is easily walkable to Mission’s restaurants and shops (therefore hipper, younger, more fun than Noe), while being sufficiently off the beaten path to remain a relatively quiet retreat (more like Noe). Plus it has great city views that neither Mission or Noe really has (minus the cold, foggy parts of Noe that feel more like Diamond Heights or Twin Peaks).

    We used to call it Country Club Mission when I lived there 10 years ago (back when mere lawyers at large global law firms could afford to live on Cumberland).

  6. Very nice block, but its not Delores Heights. Its between Dolores and Guerrero – definitely the flats not the heights. And MZ is not at 21st and San Jose – they are on 21st between Dolores and Guerrero. Definitely the heights.

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