2680 Green Street

Purchased as a “fixer” for $3,100,000 in 2010, the Cow Hollow home at 2680 Green Street was gutted and renovated as a masterwork in sustainability and design and then hit the market listed for $13,000,000 this past June.

And after 132 days on the market without a reported sale or reduction, the listing for the LEED Platinum certified home was withdrawn from the MLS this afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Platinum Rated Home Fails To Attract The Green”
  1. Perhaps they should have kept some of this home’s character rather than throwing all of it into the dumpster. Those windows look like portals into an empty void.

  2. I like the exterior lighting. The torch-like fixtures flanking the windows remind me of Rome, where evening haunts boast actual flame torches for demarcation: inviting and clever. This facade is plain but the proportionally pleasing. I’m not sold on the plain-Jane black planters flanking the driveway, the big redo on Nob hill just put the same planters by a glass stairway. Severe black metal/(stone?) planters seem to be the go-to interior-exterior jazz-it-up accessory of the new millennium. In general I feel the exterior lighting is very good, while the interior does look a tad raped, as if the Vikings were there, and took most. I won’t mention the cylindrical planter by the front door, which will probably go out of style overnight.

  3. the passive house certification is really all that matters – the other stuff is just feel good. If they get it that’s a major achievement. The materials used on a house like this and the distances they traveled, and the gargantuan size, makes construction of it anything but green. But since operation of a house can use 10x the construction energy over its life, I give it a green thumbs up.

  4. Sold at 12.9, so about 4% under asking. I’m going with.. moderate apple? Looks like some cosmetic upgrades. I’ve not checked DBI. So annual increases of not quite 2%.

    1. I think I’m missing a fruit basket somewhere: this is a four-year old story, and at that point it was up for $13M, so are you saying it sold (then) for ~$12M ?? and if not what comparison are you drawing to get “2%/annum” ??

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