1075 Market Steet Rendering 2.0

The designs for the proposed eight-story building to rise on the site of the infamous Market Street Cinema have been refined and the $27 million development is moving forward, catering to the “creative, bike-centric workers filling office buildings in the neighborhood.”

As designed by Levy Design Partners for the Encore Housing Opportunity Fund, the development will yield 90 residential units (28 studios, 51 one-bedrooms and 11 two-bedrooms) ranging in size from 400 to 1,000 square feet, 7,500 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, and a basement garage for 24 cars.

As we first reported earlier this year, the Mid-Market development’s commercial space will front both Market and Stevenson Streets (more renderings coming soon).  And a public art display on the Market Street façade and green living walls are in the works as well.

11 thoughts on “Refined Designs For Development To Replace Den Of Adult Activities”
  1. I’ll reserve my stricter judgement for additional renderings… but so far, it doesn’t look like it’s doing much more for the street.

    p.s. Who cut the top off?

  2. Nooooooooo!

    Where will Candy Cantaloup and Miss Nude Basketballs perform in SF?

    (I know it’s been awhile since the glory days of ridiculous turbo busts, but). LOL

  3. i can’t wait for all of the construction on market to start! there are so many things in the pipeline- it can’t begin soon enough.

    1. I’m beginning to worry little of it will start before the end of this construction cycle. I think we are nearer to that than many think.

  4. Who needs an earthquake when the city’s fabric is being ripped apart by a Jerk Quake? Fine if you want to build dreary “this is why we can’t have new things” things, but at least shout out a smidgen of props for the bawdy past that made this city *in any way interesting* — which BTW devil-lopers: 100% of the buildings presented on this site most definitely won’t…

    1. So much effort spent on these attempts at clever word play. Does anyone understand why detractors seem to love hyperbole and bad creative writing? Ugh

  5. That’s a great building… for Main Street, Omaha. What’s a squat little box like that doing on Market Street in dense, expensive San Francisco?!

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