39 Lloyd Street

Originally listed for $4,695,000 in May, then relisted anew for $3,995,000 last month, the asking price for the newly built home at 39 Lloyd Street – an address which is technically within Hayes Valley per the Realtors’ map, but sits between Duboce Triange and the Lower Haight – has just been reduced by another $500K.

And with its new new list price of $3,495,000, it’s a total reduction of $1.2 million (26 percent) since first being listed and the newest member of the million dollar price cut club.

Known as 35 Lloyd when working its way through planning in 2010, the development on the former garden lot had been opposed by neighbors but supported by a group of individuals who shared an undisclosed common thread.

8 thoughts on ““Hayes Valley” Home Joins The Million Dollar Price Cut Club”
  1. It would great if you actually tagged these so we could pull up the list of threads featuring the Million Dollar Price Cut Club. 🙂

    [Editor’s Note: Done. And while not complete for past posts, we’ll work through the archives and add the tag moving forward.]

  2. Ghastly. Doesn’t anyone appreciate carpentry any more? It used to be when you bought a million-dollar house you could at least believe that some of that money went to pay skilled craftsmen but there’s no reason to believe that here. The interior is literally a featureless white/glass right rectangular cavity. The only people getting paid on this deal are the agents, which is sad.

  3. “…an address which is technically within Hayes Valley per the Realtors’ map.”

    Which means absolutely nothing.

  4. UPDATE: The sale of 39 Lloyd closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $3,495,000, a sale which will be considered to be “at asking” according to industry stats but which was 26 percent ($1.2 million) below its original list price.

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