1448 Kearny Facade

Purchased for $500K in 2010 having previously sold for $633K in 2005, the former earthquake cottage at 1448 Kearny Street returned to the market last month having been renovated by its artist-owner, with whitewashed floors, raised ceilings and a new sleeping loft to make the most of its 350-ish-square-foot footprint.

1448 Kearny Interior 2014

Listed for $679,000, the sale of the remodeled Telegraph Hill cottage has now closed escrow with a reported contract price of $765,000 and over $2K per square foot.

9 thoughts on “Former Earthquake Cottage Sells For Over $2K Per Square Foot”
  1. @Fronzi–Do you think the local planning department would let me AirBnB that place? It’s about the only way I could afford the grounds maintenance expense!

    1. You have to declare yourself as a B-and-B to the local small town to be on the safe side. In any case, meet the mayor, buy him dinner, booze him up and you’ll be good to go.

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