1448 Kearny Facade

Purchased for $633,000 in late 2005, the Telegraph Hill cottage at 1448 Kearny Street returned to the market in 2007 having been “magically  transformed” by an interior decorator “to resemble the cottages of [a] napa valley bed & breakfast” and was listed for $779,000.

And in 2010, the former earthquake cottage resold for $500,000.

Since re-renovated by the new artist-owner, with whitewashed floors, raised ceilings and a new sleeping loft to make the most of the 350-ish-square-foot footprint, the “super cool” cottage is now back on the market and listed for $679,000.

10 thoughts on “An Artistic Re-Renovation Of An Earthquake Cottage”
  1. Looks cheaply done. Not a fan of the dangling electrical cords on the ceiling fixtures.
    And the interior really needs to be warmed-up. Considering that the owner is an artist, it is surprising there isn’t a bit more decoration.

  2. This is what happens when an interior decorator takes on an architectural renovation. Stick to them for selecting pillows and fabrics.

    Let the architects do the real design work.

  3. I enjoyed this post mostly as an opportunity to review the tone of the commentariat the last time this house was for sale. Such derision!

    I think this sells over ask. +/- $735K. There is some single working professional or couple who will think it is cool to have a tiny house instead of a shoebox highrise condo.

    That said, the slope on that stove pipe looks suspect to draw smoke well, and the DIY railing to the loft (L-bar metal from the HVAC shop?) makes me giggle and wince at the same time.

    Again, I think the buyer is a late 20’s professional who thinks its charming.

  4. I like it. Loft height looks a little low but more interesting than any of the new ‘architect designed’ condos I’ve seen and creative use of space. Wonder how hard it would be to add a garage?

  5. The neighboring condo’s have air rights/height easement so a demo or expansion is out. Look at the lot line windows. Garage would be possible but you’d need to get an environmental review because it’s in a special district. Lot is only 770 square feet which makes things tough. Not a whole lot you could do here. Looks like excavation is the only option and given the limited lot size its tough. The house has some charm though and the location is great.

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