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664 Wisconsin Street Window

Originally listed for $3.495 million in July, the list price for the Anne Fougeron designed “Flip House” at 664 Wisconsin Street has just been reduced by $250K, now asking $3.245 million for the modern Potrero Hill home.

664 Wisconsin Street Floor Plan

5 thoughts on “$250K Shaved From Award-Winning “Flip House” Price”
  1. I am wondering if this place is set back because the master ‘suite’ is on a different floor from the kid’s bedrooms. On top of that, the kid’s bedrooms are not all on the same floor either.

  2. No one with kids will buy this house. The entire floor is white epoxy. Anybody who attends an open house has to remove their shoes at the door. The depth of the house is very shallow. The place seems like a Hollywood facade. Oh, and the asking price…..

  3. Actually, somebody with kids DID buy that house. Yuppies of course. So much money but they pay their nanny pittiful amount under the table.

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