As we noted in our earlier report about the latest designs and details for the 9-acre Crane Cove Park to be built along San Francisco’s waterfront in Dogpatch, the plans include a new patio area just south of The Ramp, a patio which will be open to the public but is also expected to serve as an extension of the restaurant’s operations.

As the site currently appears:

View From The Ramp Today

And as the site is envisioned:

View From The Ramp as Envisioned

Another perspective from the patio site, as it currently appears and as envisioned:

Crane Cove Park Site Today

Crane Cove Park Site as Envisioned

And looking east from Illinois, as the northern part of the Crane Cove Park site appears and as envisioned:

Crane Cove Park Site Today

Crane Cove Park Site as Envisioned

14 thoughts on “Ramping Up The Waterfront In Dogpatch”
  1. Disneyland for the Rich
    Will there be a slow moving people mover too?
    Oh wait, you already have that (MUNI).

    1. “Disneyland for the Rich”? Most bizarre comment of the week. Are you sayingn poor people can’t enjoy the bayfront? Or is there a turnstile that I’m missing, just outside the picture frame, charging $100/day access, just like at Disneyland?

  2. I hope the plans leave some railroad tracks in (much like they did at Pier 1) by inlaying them in concrete. It adds a lot of historic character and does not take much to do.

  3. For this kind of money we could have long ago done the mythic bikeway using the old railway pass throughs and a few very modest street adjustments to create a true bike network. But instead we get this gravel + flair fraud and a zillion bike lanes to nowhere that just tick everyone off. Who is in charge of this stuff? Planning and SFMTA need to be completely gutted.

  4. anyone touches or fru fru’s up THE RAMP and they’ll have to answer to ME!! Leave it alone, character is good. all new and shiny not always good….

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