11 Cameo Way

Touting an “unmatched” floor plan that flows from room to room and with a “seamless connection to the outdoors,” 11 Cameo Way is now on the market and listed for $2,495,000 as “the finest home in Diamond Heights.”

11 Cameo Way Floor Plan

The three-bedroom home totals 2,820 square feet of finished space, with a new master suite on the lower level.

11 Cameo Way Master Suite

11 Cameo Way Master Bath

The 2,080-square-foot main floor includes two bedrooms, two full baths and an open dining room and living room.

11 Cameo Way Living

The family room and kitchen (with lacquered cabinetry and marble counters) open to a slate terrace and garden.

11 Cameo Way Kitchen

11 Cameo Way Rear Terrace

20 thoughts on “The Finest Home In Diamond Heights?”
  1. I attended an Xmas party at this home last year and it is truly amazing and quite large…too big for me 🙂

  2. I like the kitchen/family room/terrace setup but the master suite is subpar for this price point – low ceilings and views of a retaining wall. It’s a smart addition and the bathroom is well finished but it’s not the “best”…

  3. It’s nice to see many new commenters on this site — with so many accolades for this property!

    One quibble, with this house and a few others we’ve seen recently: when did a driveway become a “motor court?”

    1. This is what I thought when I saw this. Probably a shorter (time-wise) commute to FiDi from Orinda via Bart. And better schools in Orinda as well.

      1. In defense of Diamond Heights, this is a really short walk to Noe, and the 52 takes you straight to the Glen Park Bart station, from which it’s a 10 minute ride to Montgomery. You get the suburban benefits (big house & yard and peace & quiet) while still being in the city. I haven’t toured this house yet, but it looks quite nice. The one negative is that Diamond Heights houses usually have Big Views. This one does not appear to.

  4. While the owners or occupants may easily afford all the lighting (probably staged, in part) for this home, are they really trying to contribute to save energy? I think not… unless all the fixtures in the ceilings contain the newest of all lighting? You know what I mean.

  5. If there was any doubt as to the marketing “tag line” as the finest home in Diamond Heights, it can now be confirmed that it garnered the highest price ever paid for a home in Diamond Heights ($2.868m) at the highest $ / sq ft ever achieved for a home in Diamond Heights. All of that and no views!

    1. Toot, toot! That would be the sound of your own horn 🙂 Congrats on the sales and commission, but you could afford to take the ego down a level. The market will correct at some point, and you will undoubtedly come out wiser and stronger as a result — albeit a bit less cocky I imagine. Again though, my sincerest congratsulations on the sale.

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