16 Spruce Street Main Floor

As we first reported two weeks ago, the Presidio Heights home at 16 Spruce Street which was designed by architect John Bolles in 1946 and purchased for $ 4.3 million in June of 2013 returned to the market as “an inspired re-imagination of a Mid-Century modern residence” with a list price of $9.5 million on September 1.

Today, the sale of 16 Spruce Street closed escrow with a reported sale at asking ($9.5M), the most expensive home sale in San Francisco since the sale of 2090 Vallejo for $9.5M in July.

14 thoughts on “From $4.3M To $9.5M In Fifteen Months, Inspiring Indeed”
      1. Its fair to ask what’s so brave, but the rest of your comment is just mean. The comments on this site are one of the best things about it, but mean callouts like yours only discourages the dialogue.

    1. That’s NY – different city, different market, different expectations.

      Obviously someone disagreed with me…more power to them. I’d want a yard at that price, even in SF.

  1. I’ve seen the house – it is spectacular. Yeah, a yard would be nice, but it is immediately on top of the Presidio. All of the space, none of the yard work. I’ll admit it, when I saw this place I turned green with envy.

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