CPMC Cathedral Hill Construction: 7/10/14

The old Jack Tar Hotel is history.  The excavators have been working overtime.  And behind the fences on Cathedral Hill, the piles to shore up the site for CPMC’s Cathedral Hill Hospital project are being driven into the ground.

4 thoughts on “Behind CPMC’s Construction Fence On Cathedral Hill”
  1. Thanks for the update. Any word on when they’ll begin demo across the street for the office portion of the project?

  2. Thanks for the info and for that link, Al. Very informative. Looks like the MOB will track approximately 1 year behind the hospital. Also didn’t realize (or maybe forgot) there will be a tunnel connecting the two. Interesting that work on that will begin and end before demo and shoring are completed on the MOB. Perhaps that means they will do that work along Van Ness first then move toward the back of the property.

    1. I assume the tunnel will be built in such a way as to preclude any future Van Ness Muni tunnel or burden it with an enormous tax-payer bill for working around it.

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