Slated to be approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors tomorrow, the revised Development Agreement for CPMC’s proposed Cathedral Hill Campus and St. Luke’s Hospital calls for a slightly shorter Cathedral Hill Campus and a two story taller St. Luke’s:

The height of the proposed Cathedral Hill Hosptial which will be built to accommodate 304 beds (30 of which won’t be built out until the new St. Luke’s is open and has hit an average weekday census of at least 90 patients) has been reduced by two stories within the tower and one story within the podium, decreasing the total proposed building height from 15 floors and 265 feet to 12 floors and 226 feet.

While underground parking for the Cathedral Hill Hospital will be reduced from 513 to 276 spaces, the number of parking spaces within the proposed Medical Office Building across the street (542) and conversion of 1375 Sutter Street (172) remain unchanged for a total of 990 parking spaces across the Cathedral Hill Campus.

With 120 beds as proposed, up from 80, the height of the proposed St. Luke’s hospital has been increased by two floors to seven, an increase from 99 to 142 feet. The number of proposed parking spaces within the Medical Office Building remains at 220 with another 215 spaces in the existing Duncan Street Garage and 15 surface spots for a total of 450 spots across the campus.

The footprints and general designs for both buildings remain the same. Click for the full terms of the revised development agreement.

9 thoughts on “The Revised Designs And Heights For CPMC’s New Hospitals To Rise”
  1. Underground parking for the building will be reduced from 513 to 276 spaces.
    Utterly unconscionable. I guess planning expects staff to take owl buses to and from their late shifts. Heck, can’t be more than a couple hours to get home.
    [Editor’s Note: The number of parking spaces within the proposed Medical Office Building across the street (542) and conversion of 1375 Sutter Street (172) remains unchanged for a total of 990 parking spaces across the entire Cathedral Hill Campus.]

  2. BobN – There are significantly fewer staffers on the floor during the night shift so there will be more parking freed up. No need to take the owl bus to report at 11pm for the graveyard shift.

  3. 990 spaces is going to force staff to take owl buses? lol
    [Editor’s Note: BobN’s comment was posted prior to our clarification on the total number of parking spaces for the Cathedral Hill campus.]

  4. This seems like a great outcome for those of us in the Noe/Bernal/Mission neighborhoods. A new, bigger hospital plus medical offices, etc. Sounds excellent.
    In the immediate area of St. Luke’s, I wonder if this could inspire some new residential building– there are many dilapidated, single story commercial buildings on Mission and Valencia that could be good sites for new housing.

  5. Not that there’s anything wrong with taking the owl bus. I’ve been on the K/L/M owl a few times at about 4:00 am inbound and there are a surprising number of working people using it, not just hoods and drunks and homeless.
    But at 11:00 pm, you will not be on an owl bus but the regular service. On Van Ness you will be sharing the bus with people returing home from the Symphony and the Opera, or the movie theater and live music venues like the Regency.

  6. So does this mean cpmc is abandoning their plan to build a fake st Luke’s and then close it immediately?

  7. Its amazing to me that this City is so callous toward hospital patients. Clearly the MUNI only zealots have never been responsible for caring for a family member with Cancer. Trying to bring your 70 year old father home on the bus after chemo? Heartless really.

    City Hall does not need parking. Hospitals need parking.

    1. I drove my elderly mother to her doctor’s office and other facilities for her blood draws, diagnostics, etc. even though caring for her took up bigger and bigger chunks of my life. I always managed to find parking. No friggin way I would have her ride MUNI.

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