Another former Central Freeway parcel and current parking lot, upon the Hayes Valley site at 344 Fulton Street and Gough, a four-story building for the Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco and a separate six-story building with 69 dwelling units over 1,800 square feet of ground floor retail space are proposed to rise.


The easterly building would be a four-story building for the Boys & Girls Club containing approximately 33,500 square feet of recreational uses, including a pool, gymnasium, a game room, arts and craft space, a learning center, and other recreational and educational spaces for youth.


The third and fourth story of the building would house approximately 10,425 square feet of administrative office uses for the Boys & Girls Club, as well as an outdoor terrace at the fourth floor.


The westerly building would be a six-story mixed-use building containing approximately 69 dwelling units and approximately 1,800 square feet of ground-floor commercial uses, as well as other common area spaces that could be occupied by retail uses.


While no off-street parking would be provided for the residential uses, six tandem parking spaces accessed via Ash Street would be provided in the westerly building for use by the new Boys & Girls Club which is intended to replace the existing Ernest Ingold Clubhouse located at 1950 Page Street in the Upper Haight with a facility “located closer to the clientele served by the organization.”

UPDATE: As a plugged-in reader correctly remembers, while the project sponsor prefers the black façade as rendered above, the building was re-designed in white in order to please Planning.


15 thoughts on “A New Hayes Valley Home For The Boys & Girls (And Adults)”
  1. Three unicyclists balancing upright without even using the pedals — never seen that before.
    Is the westerly building meant to be covered in solar panels?

  2. I remember reading somewhere (maybe the architects site) that westerly building’s facade is being redesigned/adjusted for approval. The city wasn’t feeling the black ceramic(?)…
    [Editor’s Note: Good memory. The alternate color scheme has been added above.]

  3. Thank God there is no parking. We want to torment as many people as possible. Let them walk! Transit first! Transit rich!
    Let’s create a city where parking spaces will be more valuable than three bedroom apartments! Parking should only be for rich people.

  4. Loving the glazed-brick facade. The black is more striking but I can see how the white blends better with the neighborhood.

  5. Let’s create a city where parking spaces will be more valuable than three bedroom apartments! Parking should only be for rich people.
    Unlike the current system, where parking is for all… and bedrooms are only for rich people.
    Yeah, I like your idea better.

  6. Shamefully underbuilt for such a central location. Add at least 3-4 stories of unaffiliated housing to each building if need be. Geez, absolutely shameful.

  7. @Alai
    It’s absurd that one can secure 160 s.f. of prime public real estate in the City for $100/year to park your car, but people have to pay 200 times that to find a place to sleep.
    We subsidize the wrongs things. Really messed up.

  8. Actually, I believe that this building was originally proposed as all black, then was redesigned as this light colored patchwork. This post is now showing the newest design of a patchwork of greys, developed as a compromise with the planning department. Personally, I really like the dark.

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