With a backlog 356 planning cases and 106 requested building permits awaiting review, San Francisco’s Planning Department is proposing to add ten (10) new employees to help clear the backlog over the next 2.25 years.
The positions with salaries ranging from $60,667 for a Clerk to $118,806 for a Planner would be funded by way of the Planning Department’s projected $4,300,000 surplus in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013 due to increased building permit, alteration, and environmental planning fees.
San Francisco’s Budget and Legislative Analyst recommends that San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approve eight (8) of the requested positions tomorrow at a cost of $2,774,224 over the next 2.25 years.
Amendment to the Annual Salary Ordinance for Planning Department [sfbos.org]

12 thoughts on “Planning To Spend Their Surplus To Help Clear SF’s Building Backlog”
  1. @Sam: i don’t think they would vest until at least 5 years, so an employee of 2.25 years would not get pension for life

  2. Great news. Will it be possible to request new hires? How refreshing to get someone with zeal to work on one’s project, as opposed to automatons operating under cronyism.

  3. They must be hiring Planner V’s for 118K. Planners start at 56k-69k. (see link in name).
    They are probably going to promote from within and there will be no NET increases in planners.
    Do note that the take home salary is 7.5% lower that the numbers state since city workers have to partially fund their pension system. It’s not all gravy train.

  4. Current City hiring rules stipulate that for every new hire with zeal, there must be a minimum of 1.25 new hires without same.

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