135 Yukon Street

Upon the little Eureka Valley lot at 135 Yukon Street, a 1,724 square foot parcel which was purchased for $325,000 in early 2012, a surprisingly spacious four-bedroom home (see the floor plans) has been built.

135 Yukon Living

135 Yukon Kitchen

There are a few odd angles but also three and one-half baths across three levels above a garage for three cars.

135 Yukon Shower

In addition to the backyard patio, a rood deck overlooks Eureka Valley and Kite Hill.

135 Yukon Outdoor Space

And while not listed on the MLS, the new home at 135 Yukon Street is on the market and priced at $3,249,000.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by noemom

    Interesting that they did not extend the front of the building out to the edge of the 70’s structure on the side there. I assume it doesn’t have a large master bedroom? And what is that large box outside the window there? It will be interesting to see what happens here…

    • Posted by anon realtor

      “Interesting that they did not extend the front of the building out to the edge of the 70′s structure on the side there”

      not really. the lot is small and the DBI coverage ratio likely didn’t allow for that.

      • Posted by BobN

        How would moving the house forward, giving it a larger backyard, impact coverage ratios?

        • Posted by Dan

          The lot gets wider towards the back.

  2. Posted by noemom

    I just looked at the floor plan, and saw there were not one, but TWO master bedrooms aka suites, but alas, no scale. The video was very well done, nice music. What amazes me is that they go to all this trouble with the design, but there are no built in shades for those times when privacy is necessary. You would think they, the builders would include that and add another $50k or more to the asking price.

    • Posted by BobN

      With that many windows (yay!) and that price range, if I were a buyer, I’d want to choose my own window coverings.

  3. Posted by noemom

    I am sorry to be the only one commenting here so far, but this thing fascinates me. If you Google the address, you can find out some interesting history, like the previous house on the lot was torn down in 1984! It has an interesting zoning designation. And they tried to rent it on Craigslist in May (unstaged) for $10K a month. Shoulda tried airbnb….

  4. Posted by tom h

    the generic staging/materials/fixtures aside, I like the use of the lot. looks like you could put a little door in the side fence and tweak the wet bar in the lower lever master suite to have a one bedroom rental

  5. Posted by unlivable city

    Really nice…

  6. Posted by Sam

    Yea thats a damn fine looking place, definitely interesting. If I had 3 million I would choose something else, but I have no doubt this will get sold, and will be well appreciated by the extravagantly wealthy owner.

  7. Posted by tomonoak

    On the floorplan, the two non-master bedrooms have no access to a toilet without climbing stairs.

    • Posted by BobN

      Looks like an error on the floor plan. The fourth pic down (above) is that bath and there is a toilet.

  8. Posted by SFCitizen


    Three car parking? Where is the plug for the Tesla? Where is the bicycle parking? What is becoming of this City?


  9. Posted by Michael Hayes

    I think it’s great use of the lot and rather unique (and functional). With all of the remodels selling for crazy prices I think this is well priced for new construction in the area. My friend bough a 3 BD condo in this neighborhood for a million, so seems to me that 3 million for a house with this much more room will sell.

  10. Posted by noemom

    Yeah, but how big are the rooms in this potential $3 million single family home? Again, there is no scale on those floor plans. I would bet that Mr. Hayes friend’s 3 bedroom condo has larger rooms than this “slivery” house has. This is a really fascinating property. Not because it is the most gorgeous house, but because given the size and the asking price it is a apotheosis of San Francisco real estate at this place and time.

    I actually think that the only people who could really live here in this house, based on the photos, are those people who look like Cameron Diaz or Jimmy Fallon.

  11. Posted by Roxanne

    I cannot imagine anyone being stupid enough to waste about $3M for a home that is the size of a shoebox. The lot is only 1700 sq ft. This is beyond ridiculous. This house better have gold toilets, and every luxurious amenity possible. And then some. I know that the SF RE market is crazy right now, but where is the common sense? How could the Realtor price it at this amount…

  12. Posted by Francisco

    Does anyone know who the architect was?

  13. Posted by SocketSite

    While still not listed on the MLS so not an official reduction, the asking price for 135 Yukon has been changed to $2,995,000.

  14. Posted by SocketSite

    Having failed to find a buyer in 2014, the 2,900-square-foot home at 135 Yukon is now back on the market with a $3.198 million list price.

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