June 2014 Election Results

While the results for the June 3 election have yet to be certified, with an additional 28,901 vote-by-mail ballots having been counted since Election Day, along with 2,491 provisional ballots cast, the total voter turnout in San Francisco is up to 29.33 percent which is roughly 1 percentage point higher than the record low turnout of 28.2 percent which was set in 2008.

The additional 31,392 votes have not, however, changed the outcome for Proposition B which remains a rounded: 59 percent Yes, 41 percent No.

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    A decisive win by nearly 18 points with little opposition from either the public or the politicians.

    As a reminder of what 70k votes can do in SF, the official vote count from the November 2011 election for the top office holders:

    59,663 ED LEE, Mayor

    76,043 GEORGE GASCÓN, District Attorney

    70,204 ROSS MIRKARIMI, Sheriff

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