's Mission Bay Parcels 2014

With Mission Bay Block 40 having been sold to Kilroy Realty with approved plans for an urban campus to rise on the site, the only remaining undeveloped parcels in Mission Bay for which the plans are currently unknown are the remnant portion of’s holdings, two partial blocks which haven’t been sold to the Golden State Warriors or UCSF.

Fronting Third Street, the bits of Mission Bay Block 26 and Mission Bay Block 27 are approved for the development of over 400,000 square feet of office space and are on the market with CBRE.

3 thoughts on “Building Out Mission Bay: The One Unknown”
  1. IMO the Warriors should have bought these blocks and created a hotel/entertainment area adjacent to the arena.

  2. My hope is UCSF buys them for student/professor housing. UCSF is having difficulty attracting the best grad students and Professors due to the expense of living in the Bay Area.

  3. Gorgeous subsidized housing for our vets. Isn’t the VA coming to Mission Bay from its perch in Point Lobos?

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