CFAH Mission Bay Parcels

As we originally reported when Salesforce acquired 14 acres in South Mission Bay with the intention of building a nearly 2 million square-foot urban campus in San Francisco:

Two of the acquired lots are directly across the street from UCSF’s new Mission Bay Medical Center which is now under construction, thanks in large part to a $100 million donation from founder Marc Benioff.

With Salesforce having since abandoned their Mission Bay plans and rumors flying that Google might be planning to acquire the parcels to build an urban campus of their own, UCSF is now in “advanced discussions” to purchase Mission Bay Blocks 33 and 34 from Salesforce to build administrative offices and consolidate their leased and remote sites.

UCSF will be presenting their proposed purchase to the Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee this week. No word on the fate of the other five and one-half blocks of land.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    I hope hey keep the Legoratta design.

  2. Posted by Truth

    Those parcels may be on fire right now. There’s a raging inferno going on, like right there.
    [Editor’s Note: Mission Bay 360 Development Is Literally On Fire on Mission Bay Block 5.]

  3. Posted by Ugh

    Ugh, how boring . . . hospital administrative offices = guaranteed boring architecture and no retail/bars/restaurants. Damn! What a huge disappointment!

  4. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    Another UCSF building? I was hoping for more diversity and more excitement.

  5. Posted by Sierrajeff

    It’d be better for this to be non-UCSF. Nothing against the school, and I understand the desire for a contiguous campus/infrastructure, but – the more area they cover, the less vibrant and diverse (and hence viable and interesting) the neighborhood.

  6. Posted by @Ugggh

    @Ugh, how boring . . . hospital administrative offices = guaranteed boring architecture and no retail/bars/restaurants. Damn! What a huge disappointment!
    Yeah geeze, and another 2,500 jobs! oh the horror!

  7. Posted by Joseph A

    I think this is GREAT NEWS !!
    it gives UCSF a much needed larger foot print at Mission Bay !
    My hope is that the remaining 5 parcels are broken up or are developed as a group or a non defined tenant.
    One thing that has made the development of Mission Bay difficult is how the City of San Francisco increases its cost, and required gifts the larger a project is. Hopefully with much smaller projects the amount being extorted will be less panful.

  8. Posted by poor.ass.millionaire

    I think this is good news overall. UCSF is a great anchor tenant for bio tech. There is already a lot of high tech in SF. This will help mitigate any future tech bubble. Gotta keep my rental rates high, and this helps a bit to buffer a future tech bubble. Cool by me.

  9. Posted by two beers

    You might be a sociopath, poor.ass, but at least you’re an honest sociopath, and you own it. If you’re a pirate, might as well wear the parrot, and go Haaaahhhrrghh.”

  10. Posted by The Bunk

    What do people think these lots combined are worth at current market rates?
    I have always thought salesforce was keeping this around to sell at the right time to help their financials when they need a boost.

  11. Posted by Dan

    Anything happening with parcel 27, just to the north of the proposed arena?

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