2548 Mission Street

Rowland Weinstein, owner of the Weinstein Gallery on Union Square, has closed escrow on his purchase of the 13,500 square foot building at 2548 Mission Street which is adjacent to the New Mission theater, the 114-unit Vida development, and Foreign Cinema.

While the exterior of the building looks rough, the interior has already been partially renovated by the owner of the Foreign Cinema building, Colleen Meharry, who sold the 2548 Mission space to Weinstein for $3.8 million.  The building had been listed for $4.0 million and Meharry reportedly turned down an offer of $400,000 over asking from a restaurateur, preferring to have an art gallery on the block.

Weinstein is planning to use the Mission Street space to feature local artists in conjunction with “a bar concept” and the gallery is expected to open by the end of the year.

18 thoughts on “Union Square Art Gallery Owner Moving Into The Mission”
  1. Art gallery????? Hope they plan on severing food…..lol

    $3.8 for a bar??? Holy smokes…..and where’s the affordable housing??? Wait until the anti displacement crowed hear about this…..it’ll be pickets 24/7……..

    1. 1) $3.8 for an art gallery / bar space. not unreasonable in today’s market
      2) it’s a commercial space. why would affordable housing be involved?
      3) who are they displacing? it’s an abandoned building

    2. You should probably punctuate properly and form proper sentences if you want anyone to take you seriously.

  2. Art! Artists! This is what everyone has been complaining about. Oh, wait, it’s not the right type of art or artists? I’m confused..

  3. The front has some nice terra-cotta details, and it looks like missing and damaged details could be replaced or repaired. It could end up looking pretty handsome once more.

    1. It’s one of the prettiest small facades on that stretch of Mission. It’ll be nice to see it rehabilitated.

  4. I understand that the Grand Theater building on the other side of Mission St (where Grand Coffee is located) has also been leased to an arts group.

  5. Mission Street used to be a very nice destination, with eateries, decent shopping and movie theaters. Then it went into a downward spiral where all the movie theaters closed and were converted into parking garages or dollar stores.

    The current shift is quite phenomenal. The always-angry crowd calls it gentrification, but revival would be the proper term.

  6. I love KEEPITUP’s comment

    “Will they be severing food” – Errrr – Live severing it form some other object? Made me laugh

    I agree with Fronzi Scheme – this is gentrification..its revival. Mission was THE shopping street for decades…and went into a tail spin when BART was being built and Mission was a giant hole for 18 months….along with people fleeing to the burbs…not just BARTS fault. But they didn’t help that’s for sure.

    In anycase…I’ll get some popcorn and wait for the protests to start. (Get it? Popcorn…movie theatre? 🙂 )

  7. “The always-angry crowd calls it gentrification, but revival would be the proper term.” Agree!! Why do people fight to have a place to stay as a dump instead of revival?!!

      1. Yea, I have no love for SoHo, or really any of Manhattan. I’m mostly kidding about the Mission turning into such a place, at least not for a bit.

  8. That is a great looking Audi A5 on the street. Looks like a titanium sports tank that a superhero would drive. Too bad they’re actually made of plastic.

    1. Yea, Alamo Drafthouse should be interesting. I wish it was a little more arthousey, but eh. The unfortunate thing is that Docs Clock will be kicked out of their current digs. At least, I’d be extremely surprised if that space doesn’t turn into a much more lucrative endeavor, maybe a bland cocktail bar? Unnecessary multi-course tasting restaurant? Hopefully Make-out room and the strange funkiness of 22nd in general can survive.

      1. My great grandfather drank in Docs I’ve been told. That would be a sad day indeed. I think it will remain

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