1298 Howard Rendering

A plugged-in tipster provides our first peek at a rendering for the proposed five-story development to rise on the corner of 9th and Howard, replacing the existing Chevron, Burger King and Starbucks on the West SoMa site.

Designed by Levy Design Partners, the development includes 123 condo-mapped units; 13,000 square feet of commercial space; and a new pedestrian alley lined with townhouses connecting Howard to Natoma Alley.  Lofts and studios would line Natoma.

The facades along Howard and 9th Street are being designed to reflect the warehouse character of neighborhood “with simple fenestration, minimal residential articulation, and a tall first story,” similar to the building across the alley on Natoma and 9th.

And in terms of timing, the project is currently in the design phase and waiting for its environmental review.  But as we first reported about the project earlier this year, keep in mind that Chevron’s lease runs for another five years.

12 thoughts on “Designs For Prominent SoMa Corner Development”
  1. Good example of under building on this corner.
    Love the alley
    Kill the foot bridge
    Slightly dull 70s motel look but brownie points for connecting Howard with Natoma. (The alleys of SOMA are its interesting future and glad that design isn’t turning its back on Natoma).

  2. This is a big improvement to what is there. I was a bit perplexed when the present suburban style development popped up a few years ago. It is not a very good use for the site.

  3. 2 blocks up are much taller buildings and Market Street. There is no reason for this to be only 5 stories.

  4. I was actually thinking the main structure might be to short ,
    also we are probably looking at dozens of buildings being replaced within a one block radius of this location ,
    and a complete rework of Howard Street , that said this is about 5yrs away from even starting that is unless Chevron ends their lease early

    1. Even if Chevron ends their lease early they will likely have a multiyear cleanup/testing of the underground tanks.

    1. The paving will be removed and allowed to return to a tidal marsh state, in honor of the Ohlone who once lived there. Dedicated hipsters will still be able to traverse via kayak (high tide) / waders, except of course during the new mud wrestling annex to the Folsom Street Fair.

      1. how green! i still feel like a tidal marsh might be too much though- how tall will the reeds be? i think we should put that to a vote.

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