The sale of the San Francisco Honda site at the corner of Market and South Van Ness (officially 10 South Van Ness Avenue), “will likely close in the next sixty to ninety days,” according to the spokesperson for the Boas family which owns the site and dealership.

And in terms of timing for any development, the sale allows San Francisco Honda to continue to operate on site for two years, after which the Boas family plans to relocate the dealership which was one of the first fifty Honda dealerships in the United States.

5 thoughts on “Timing For Development Of SF Honda Site And The Dealership”
  1. Two full years?? I guess that gives crescent heights time to build 340 Fremont and then hire an architect for this. Hopefully its a better design than the one from a few years ago thats passed around online.

  2. I tend to agree with curmudgeon. I think we’re in for a slowdown in a couple of years. This one might just make the cut, but only just.

  3. The deal makes sense since it gives he Boas family time to locate and build out a new dealership site.
    As for the development of the property its probably 6 years away from completion if it does not it any snags, and is a solid long term investment.
    If we talk bubbles its a lot about location , and this is a one that should survive then next one.

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