Approved for the development of 56 new housing units, 23,000 square feet of commercial space, and an open-air market, the Outer Parkside block fronting Sloat Boulevard between 46th and 47th Avenues had fallen into foreclosure on $4,220,000 loan.


As we first reported at the beginning of the year:

While the parcels upon which the Aqua Surf Shop, John’s Ocean Beach Café and Robert’s Motel currently sit between 46th and 47th Avenues were scheduled to hit the courthouse steps last week, a bankruptcy filing has postponed the auction until at least tomorrow and most likely for many more weeks, or months, to come.

And as a plugged-in reader notes, the entire debt has just been paid. We’ll keep you plugged-in with respect to the development(s) for the block as rendered below:

As Proposed To Start Rising At 2800 Sloat And Wawona By 2015 [SocketSite]
Major Outer Parkside Development Site On Sloat Now In Foreclosure [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “Outer Parkside Block Back On Track For Big Development”
  1. Glad to hear this. I live a few blocks away from here and have been looking forward to something being built here that would give me and my neighbors more restaurants/cafes/bars that we can walk to. The farmers market they talked about would be great too.

  2. It’s a dump, but I love John’s. We go there every weekend. Hate to see it go, but I think once evicted he’ll retire.
    I’m sure whatever replaces it will be sterile and formula in order to afford the inflated rent. But, if a place like Starbucks can pony up the monthly rent then it’s better than nothing (read: empty storefront on Lombard).
    The building rendering is atrocious. The planters spilling over with lush vegetation make me laugh, as well as the open-air market in one of the foggiest sections of town right off the water. Real brilliant. Let’s see how that pans out.

  3. The open air market might be okay if it’s surrounded by buildings (I shop at the Sloat Garden Center, half of it is outside and it feels fine because it’s slightly sunken). And maybe Sloat Garden Center can give recommendations on what plants to grow…after killing a series of plants, the worst and windiest spot in my Sunset garden finally let a fuchsia live.
    I see large expanses of glass. It is cold and foggy here and if they can get a place that feels like outside, opens well to the outside, but without actually being outside, that would be ideal.
    Here’s hoping this works and they get cool tenants. Am looking for a place to hang out that’s a bit more atmospheric than Lakeshore Shopping Center, though I realize there’s a risk it’ll end up just like it with primarily formula retail.
    I guess I better check out John’s ASAP.

  4. Hopefully they will not even allow formula retail, given that there is plenty of that down the street at Lakeshore. A taqueria (the fact that there is no taqueria within a 5-10 minute walk of this location is a crime), a cafe, a sports bar, the surf shop and a couple of other restaurants would do nicely.

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