Approved for development in late 2008, but having failed to have broken ground within the required three-years, this week Planning will review a request to extend the right to build 56 new housing units and 23,000 square feet of commercial space with an open-air market at 2800 Sloat until 2015.

The approved proposal allowed the demolition of the three existing commercial buildings and the construction of a new mixed-use building totaling approximately 117,000 gross square feet, and a one-story building dedicated to commercial use that together will provide approximately 23,000 gsf of commercial space, four levels of residential occupancy with 56 dwelling units (consisting of 19 one-bedroom units, 24 two-bedroom units, and 13 three-bedroom units).

The proposed project includes a below-grade parking garage divided into two separated parking areas: one dedicated to 56 residential parking spaces and the other with 56 commercial spaces, for a total of 112 proposed off-street parking spaces and a residential bicycle storage area for approximately 25 bicycles…

The existing commercial buildings proposed for demolition currently house the Aqua Surf Shop, John’s Ocean Beach Café and Robert’s Motel.


The Planning Department recommends the Commission grant the extension to develop.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Marten

    Did the architect actually ever step back to look at their drawings? It looks like a pile of throwup. I lived as a child near 39th and Wawona. This neighborhood deserves a little more effort in the design process.

  2. Posted by Average Joe

    That area around the zoo can definitely use more retail, but I like that quirky cafe. With all of the street parking right there, and the end of the Muni line, it is a good place for development.
    Is this rental, or condo? A 3-bedroom condo in the deep Outer Sunset, but close to the zoo, Lake Merced, beach, Muni line, and a quality elementary school? Sounds perfect for young, middle-class families. If this were available today — with generic, not “Luxe” finishes — what do you suppose it would sell for? $375,000?
    Somehow I suspect, given that this is SF, this will never be built for that market however.

  3. Posted by futurist

    As to the renderings, let’s be clear: these are very loosely drawn, watercolor conceptual renderings. They are not construction documents nor final.
    But overall, I am liking the organic feel to the architecture, some of the more unique outdoor spaces. It’s a nice change from just a box. This has potential; I’d like to see the details and some massing refined and clarified.

  4. Posted by lyqwyd

    I also like the look of the renderings. Nice amount of greenery. The most amazing design ever? No, but definitely looks better than the average for SF new development, particularly in the outer portions of the city.

  5. Posted by VancouverJones

    Very nice design (concept). Has a lot of nice lines for the eye to follow… it actually seems to moving in a gentle, comforting way. It also looks welcoming at the pedestrial level.

  6. Posted by gellan

    It’s great to see some effort put into the landscaping (much clearer in the .pdf). This city needs more greenery – especially out there in the avenues.

  7. Posted by JenofLA

    It’s a very mellow, family-friendly neighborhood. They should increase the # of 3-bedroom units and lower the number of 1-bedrooms. Even if SF state students are a target market, they usually prefer multi-bedroom units (cheaper rent cost per bedroom, more social).

  8. Posted by Greenery

    I grew up out there by the ocean…that “greenery” will not grow up the buildings…at least not on the west facing sides. Geeze go stand out there from noon until 7pm on nice July 20th and take a feel!

  9. Posted by futurist

    There’s lot of native vegetation that will grow well in the wind and fog.
    This isn’t Siberia.

  10. Posted by RootbeerSloat

    Can they just build a new 49ers stadium there instead?

  11. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I am surprised that some NIMBY hasn’t sued claiming that that old eyesore of a hotel isn’t a historical resource. I guess there is still time…

  12. Posted by OuterSet

    I live a couple blocks from here, something like this is really needed. Zoo visitors appending local residents should hopefully make retail successful – Java Beach on Sloat right next to this gets so packed, the demand is there.
    You can grow stuff out here, you just have to know what works and what doesn’t. The natural moisture of the summer fog is good for plants.

    • Posted by Amewsed

      Java Beach is okay — it does get packed but the overall vibe of the staff and patrons are relaxed and happy. I have not been to the zoo in decades. Could use a lot more commercial and retail eateries in this quiet area — more families would be great. Maybe the lookout area on the beach could get upgraded. The stretch between Beach Chalet and everything else could use more businesses (and housing.)

      Look at La Playa, the condos. built at the other side of Ocean Beach in the Richmond district. Nice community with lots of families. Same could happen here.

  13. Posted by inclinejj

    Postponed to 08/05/2013 @ 02:00 PM due to Bankruptcy
    Estimated Debt: $4,508,003.68

  14. Posted by 4oceans

    Long live Aqua Surf Shop !!

  15. Posted by Carolyn Arias

    My concern is the parking. Will adequate parking be provided for these residents.We already have a problem on lower great highway. It is absolute grid lock on the weekends.

    The zoo charges too much for parking. They need to provide free parking.

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