680 Folsom Rendering

Along with the latest rendering for the $87 million remodel of 680/690 Folsom that’s now underway which highlights the corner of Folsom and Third on which a new 15,000-square-foot retail or cultural building will rise, we’ve also got news that Riverbed Technology has leased a third of 680 Folsom on floors two through six of the twelve-story building.

The renovation of 680 Folsom is on track to be completed in late 2013, the Riverbed lease is for ten years.

5 thoughts on “The Reskinned 680 Folsom Will Be Home To Riverbed In 2013”
  1. Great news on the progress. The side walk along the Third street need to be widened, especially around the bus shelter. Looks like the new retail can do a lot to enliven this stretch of Third St.

  2. Great re-design of a pretty bland building,but in a great location. Love the retail aspect as well as the elegant new curtain wall.

  3. Many of Riverbed’s key techies used to work across the street at 75 Hawthorne, so I’m sure they will be quite pleased.

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