752 27th Street

Purchased as a 975 square foot “Charming Noe Valley View Home” for $972,000 in 2004, in 2007 a third floor was added, the lower level was legalized, and the rear extended to create the 3,463 square foot modern view home that now stands at 752 27th Street.

752 27th Street Living

The Topetcher Architecture led remodel features the views and an open floor plan.

752 27th Street Kitchen

The four-bedroom Noe Valley home is now back on the market and listed for $2,895,000. And for posteriors sake, as it looked before, outside and in:

∙ Listing: 752 27th Street (4/3.5) 3,463 sqft – $2,895,000 [752-27thst.com] [Floor Plan]

18 thoughts on “Noe Valley Before, After, And Back On The Market At 752 27th Street”
  1. This is one of the few ‘modern makovers’ in this town that actually improves the street presence of the house. What is especially nice is that the footprint and scale and openings of the facade correspond to the old; it’s like a fairy godmother touched her wand here and there and made it all better.

  2. Nice remodel and agree one of the few ‘modern makeovers’ that has improved the street presence. But even in a Noe market with limited inventory, $836/sf seems a stretch this far outside the core. I guess upside is a kid on a bike pointed down this hill could could reach 24th street (7 blocks away) in about 12.6 seconds. Return trip a bit slower (but less hazardous).

  3. I’ve been inside this house. It’s gorgeous – sheer views from all floors except maybe the basement level. Very private as well. Finishes are beautifully done.

  4. The flat casing and baseboard seem cheap. So does the cover to the barn door hardware at the master. Also, a bunch of soffits. I would expect more from a $2.9M asking price.

  5. While all the sash are new, only the master bedroom windows are thermopane. Everything else is single glazing. How did this pass Title 24?

  6. I’m liking the beautiful, spacious, clean interiors and the views are awesome.Quality materials, nice lighting.
    I like the front elevation as well, clean and simple with some nice variation in fenestration, openings and detailing.

  7. It’s odd that they didn’t use double pane windows throughout, considering this is a complete remodel and buyers generally want them. However, Title 24 does not mandate that you use double pane glazing, only that you meet certain standards for energy consuption. How one accomplishs this is up to the owner, architect and the energy consultant. If the glazing area is small and the house is well insulated, it is possible to comply without double pane windows. One reason architects sometimes want to use single glazing is to keep the muntin profile small on divided lite windows, as may be the case on the facade here. Double pane glazing is 3/4″ thick and requires a much thicker muntin to receive it.

  8. Essentially inmycountry is correct with regard to insulating glass for new or remodeled work. Title-24 calculations can give you enough “credits” say with insulation to offset having to use insulating glass everywhere.
    Also, some double-glazed windows such as Marvin, or Jeld-Wen use about 1/2″ depth for two panes of glass.

  9. This is a bit suprising. It is high-ish on 27th but I guess the views make up for it.
    Oh, and I looked; The master suite has dual pane windows the rest are single pane.

  10. Keep an eye on this one: it is about to change hands again “off-market” as a pocket listing (trying desperately to avoid MLS). It will be interesting to see what it brings in 2019. I think it has aged pretty well over the past 7 or 8 years.

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