1333 Jones #1402

While the big city and bay views from 1333 Jones #1402 haven’t changed since the 1,278-square-foot Comstock one-bedroom was purchased for $970,000 in 2004 (and having traded for $800,000 in 2003, back when short-term holds somehow worked out), the interior has been updated along with the sliding doors that allow the den to act as a second bedroom.

9 thoughts on “Buy A One, But Get A Two (With Views) At The Flick Of A Wrist”
  1. I bought a condo in early 2004 for 540k and the identical one next door just sold for 700k, so it might depend on when in 2004 this place was bought. If early in 04 the price might work.

  2. “Unusually attentive staff services include daily in-home trash removal…” This level of attention seems unusually intrusive.
    I had a landlord once who concocted reasons to enter my apartment a couple of times a week…hee needed to check for burned-out lightbulbs in the refrigerator, etc. I don’t expect this sort of thing in a luxury co-op.

  3. I lived at the Comstock, great building and views. The folks actually don’t come in the unit to pick-up trash, there is a drop in the kitchen that leads to a hallway trash “closet” for each unit (I never smelled trash). I requested that they didn’t pickup and would walk down the hall to the trash chute. The staff is very attentive and will change out bulbs, air filters, etc. if requested by owner. They won’t enter unit unless asked. In this post though, I never knew about the car wash service. A now retired doorman named Buck use to offer to wash cars though.

  4. The convertible den/guest room is a great idea. Most people have infrequent guests so a dedicated guest room is mostly wasted space. And most guests don’t mind sleeping in a convertible den.

  5. “i can’t se any reason this should be priced higher than when it sold in 2003 for $800,000.”
    Well a good reason to not price it at $800,000 is that apparently someone was willing to pay a lot more for it then that.

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