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Following an early morning raid, the activists who were occupying the former Hayes Valley Farm site have been removed in order to clear the way for Avalon Bay’s development of 182 apartments, retail, and 91 parking spaces upon the Hayes Valley Parcel P.

The development, for which building permits have been issued, will vary in height across the site, reaching a maximum height of five stories (click the image above to enlarge).

9 thoughts on “Occupation Of Hayes Valley Farm Ended, Development To Begin”
  1. These guys are idiots. It really discourage developers from offering vacant land for temporary use again. Expect to see land either chain fenced or used as parking lot.

  2. Also it looks like the sponsor Hayes Valley Farm are nice and sensible people. This must be hijacked by some idiotic self appointed activists. As I say, what they do jeopardize possibility for another similar farm to setup in other temporary location.

  3. Cops should have acted faster. These are professional and random protesters who are probably paid for any cause.. There were sheets hanging with slogans about the park in Turkey. The kids are now shuffling back to the compound in Haight and Stanyan waiting for the next gig
    What’s happening with the green space outside the blue line?

  4. Glad to see this was relatively quickly resolved and didn’t turn into a drawn out media storm of stupidity.
    Totally agree with WYT, this only makes it less likely that develop-able land will be allowed to be used for temporary uses.

  5. I agree with Turin. A cluster of smaller, varied buildings would have been a compliment to the neighborhood. This compound just looks like a fancier version of the nearby projects minus the bars on the windows. Total yawn.

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