The owner of the one-story building at 750 Harrison Street, between Third and Fourth streets with a frontage on Rizal as well, is quietly working on plans to raze the one-story commercial building on the site and build an 8-story building of up to 85-feet in its place.

Currently home to SoMa’s Manor West nightclub, the early designs for the proposed 8-story building on the site include 77 “Single Room Occupancy” units averaging 375 square feet; 2,826 square feet of commercial space; a common 2,671 square foot landscaped roof deck for residents; and one parking spot.

Currently zoned for 85-feet, San Francisco’s proposed Central Corridor Plan maintains the 85-foot height limit on the Harrison Street side of the 750 Harrison Street parcel but downzones the Rizal Street side to 45 feet “in order to reduce any net new potential for shadow on the Alice Street Community Garden” which is due north of the site.

The Central Corridor Plan is currently anticipated to be up for adoption in late 2014. Approvals for the proposed 750 Harrison Street project would be assessed based on the height districts in place at the time that the entitlement’s to build are sought, hence the “quickly” above.

13 thoughts on “Moving Quietly (And Quickly) With Plans To Raze Manor West”
  1. I’m not a big clubber, but it seems concerning that so many night clubs and bars are shutting down to be replaced with housing or office space. What is the city going to do once these businesses are gone? They will never be allowed to open again in an area with residents (who will magically become NIMBYs even though the clubs were there first). I’m all for housing, but it feels to me that SF will lose some of its allure as an entertainment destination if this trend continues.

  2. He’s planning new construction of SRO’s???? WTF?
    SRO’s for young-single-yuppie-tech-workers? I dunno, 375 sq ft seems like a tough sell, when most of theses folks prefer sharing 2-3 BR flats.
    Anyone else have a take on this?

  3. Presumably these will be market rate studio apartments, renting for close to $2000/month each to young, single tech workers, with a few BMR units.

  4. 77 homes, commercial space of 2800 square feet and …. ONE parking space. At 270 Brannan, a new commercial building will bring over 1000 employees with minimal parking ( 10 or so) and some bike parking, though not a lot. At Brannan and second another 1000 employees with no parking.

  5. hipster, I can’t believe the project sponsor literally means SROs. A real SRO forces residents to share dormitory-style bathrooms and each unit doesn’t have a kitchen; most don’t have closets.
    Like Dan, I’m guessing that these will be market-rate studio apartments. At 375 square feet these will still feature 70% more living area than the so-called micro apartments that Supervisor Wiener advocates with living areas under 220 ft.² including the closets and a bathroom.

  6. I honestly wish we had more live/work space, SROs, and micro-apartments popping up in SF. There was this great article maybe a year back where they talked about the conversion of Market Street buildings that were converted to live/work spaces, with rents going around $400-$700 that were full of young graphic designers, website designers, Bloomingdales clerks, etc.
    Have you seen what young artists and bartenders are willing to rent in Manhattan and Brooklyn? They will pay $700 a month to live in a room they CANNOT PHYSICALLY STAND UP IN. It is crazy. There are blogs devoted to it.
    Tiny apartment conversions, SROs targeted at 20 somethings, etc may be what is needed. Older people can stay in their rent controlled apartments, but for the young, only the well off can afford the city right now…which is part of what rent control does, favors the old who are no longer pushing SF culture forward, and sends the young artists, baristas, musicians over to Oakland.

  7. Seems perfect for young tech workers who work long hours and eat in the company’s cafe: a small studio with a Murphy bed or fold out couch, a desk, a kitchenette, and a bathroom in 375 square feet, walking/biking distance to work, to Caltrain, or to the corporate bus.

  8. Brahma- I think you’re right. And 77 of these rented at $2000ish each, this project is going to be playing to the tune of some serious cha-ching for the owner. Nice.

  9. Well, yeah. I don’t dispute that the developer’s going to make money and I didn’t intend to imply that they wouldn’t, even if I personally wouldn’t be interested in a studio like these.
    Actually, I applaud them for trying to build something other than luxury condos, which seems to be all that most developers in this town are interested in these days, or micro apartments on the other end of the spectrum. It’s a good thing to have new construction units in between, and there’s no shortage of nightclubs.

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