With the financial framework for the proposed Warriors Arena on Piers 30-32 having been approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, San Francisco’s Planning Department is quickly moving forward with the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) necessary for the billion dollar arena and proposed mix-use project on Seawall Lot 330 to rise.

Under the proposed project (click the image above to enlarge), Piers 30-32 would be developed with several levels, including an Embarcadero Level (pier level), Levels 2 and 3 (approximately 10 and 22½ feet above pier level, respectively), a Main Plaza/Concourse Level (approximately 35 feet above pier level), and a Terrace Level (approximately 50 feet above pier level). The tallest structure on Piers 30-32 would be the proposed event center building, at approximately 135 feet above pier level.

Seawall Lot 330 would be developed with a four-story building (ground level plus three podium levels), above which two 10-story towers would be developed. The maximum height of the podium component would be 45 feet above ground level; the tower components would each measure approximately 105 feet in height, for an approximate building height of 150 feet above ground level.

Scheduled to be ready for review by summer 2013, a plugged-in tipster delivers the hot off the presses notice of preparation and public scoping meeting for the EIR which has been scheduled for January 15. From the notice which mentions a couple of interesting project variants to be explored and omits one big variant which some were hoping to see:

The EIR will discuss the proposed project’s potential conflicts relating to physical environmental effects with the San Francisco General Plan and its relevant elements, particularly the Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plan. The EIR will also analyze the project’s potential conflicts with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s (BDCD’s) San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan and the Port of San Francisco’s Waterfront Land Use Plan. Other applicable planning documents will be discussed for context, including, the Bicycle Plan, Sustainability Plan, Climate Action Plan, and Better Streets Plan, as well as the City’s Transit First policy.

The EIR will also discuss the conformance of the proposed project with the San Francisco Planning Code, including the specific sections relevant to the area, including but not limited to, Sections 829 (South Beach Downtown Residential Mixed Use District), 260 (Height Limits), and 240 Waterfront Special Use District. Inconsistencies with relevant plans or zoning that could result in physical effects on the environment will be analyzed in the applicable environmental topic sections, such as noise and air quality.

While the EIR has been scoped to consider several project variants for both Piers 30-32 and Seawall Lot 330, including a potential relocation Red’s Java House to the south end of the piers and a single, even taller tower upon Seawall Lot 330, it hasn’t been scoped to consider an alternative site for the arena.

24 thoughts on “Scoping The Warriors Arena Impact And Options, Like Moving Red’s”
  1. Move Reds. It’s ridiculous to me how that nasty grease pit has the power to upend development. Yes it’s been there a long time. So what?

  2. The Warriors gaining guaranteed prime retail locations on the bay side of the The Embarcadero is a giveaway to wealthy sports interests.
    This stadium project has morphed from an initial stadium in the Bay to a shopping mall proposal.
    If San Francisco is going to allow retail development of piers 30-32, it should be put out for the highest bidders, and not as a gift to the Warriors.

  3. Let’s see if any transit improvements will be made to accommodate visitors in this Transit-First City.
    So basically what’s happening is that there will be a 13-story building jutting out of the bay. What happened to SF’s height restrictions along the seawalls? How about redeveloping The Stick for a Warriors arena, add housing and retail while you’re at it and leave the bay alone.

  4. “How about redeveloping The Stick for a Warriors arena, add housing and retail while you’re at it and leave the bay alone.”
    That would be pointless and worse than the current arena

  5. Jackson… do you know anyone willing to put up $50-$100 million to renovate the piers and then add add’l money for a public event space?

  6. @ zig:
    If you are going to use words like “pointless” and “worse” please explain in more detail your point of view.

  7. rabbits,
    Certainly more than a few people in South Beach would be happy with a free option…don’t spend a dollar on piers 30-32 and let them become red tagged in 5-10 years then fall into the bay. Viola, we would have a Vancouver-style seawall running/walking/biking path.

  8. I would love to see an iconic, world class arena and event center in SF, and think it is an appropriate use of public land.
    I don’t see why we have to have more subsidized expensive housing jammed into the deal. This is as much a vanity project as a financial deal, and the owners are billionaires. Let them pay for what they want, and not crowd/develop/screw up the Embarcadero any more than we need to.

  9. Thumbs up from me. An exciting project! Will be great to see an arena that will host events enjoyed by tens of thousands of San Franciscans in a fantastic, central location, and to see crumbling Piers 30/32 get rehabbed in the process.

  10. Same for me. A great solution with the potential for an iconic, world class piece of architecture, with activities for all kinds of citizens.

  11. I’m not a fan of having a huge shopping-mall type building on the Embarcadero, but I’ll wait to see the renderings before I’ll condemn it.
    Also wouldn’t mind moving Red’s to the southern part of the pier. That would put it closer to ATT park anyway

  12. @anon: if you’re going to Reds for the quality of the food… then you’re missing the point.
    think of it as your favorite dive bar. on the water. with greasy food. or maybe you dont do dive bars becuase they’re dirty.
    that said, i wont cry if they want to tear it down.. greater good and all.

  13. anon – a free option? If you are advocating continued, benign neglect of the piers to the point that they fall into the Bay in a few years rather than what is proposed, hmm, well, you have revealed your biases, and I guess we can stop debating. May the better vision for the future win.
    BTW – I do believe that even letting them decline is estimated to cost the City millions of dollars (clean up and such).

  14. Moving or closing an iconic San Francisco spot like Reds is a major problem. The stadium project is a great idea, but if we steamroll our history in the process what will be built will be..lacking.

  15. rabbits,
    if you look at the SF waterfront from the Ferry Building all the way down to hunter’s point you will see many piers that have fallen into the water and zero dollars was spent. Look at iconic photographs (say the Bay Bridge taken from Howard St. and Embarcadero) and you will see that the remaining pilings add to SF’s qualities rather than detract from them. Quite obviously it has not been critical for the city to remove these disintigrating piers otherwise they would have done so.

  16. Build this arena NOW. There are dive bars like reds near AT&T Park. No more crumbling shack restaurants and crumbling piers. Build the arena NOW.

  17. Plenty of good, thoughtful discussion needs to take place on this project.
    But factoring in a dive bar should be item #721 on the list of concerns.
    Most people I know who love Reds don’t live in South Beach and only visit occasionally before a game. Plenty of other places to get beer. Let’s move on.

  18. @BobN: Actually, the plan is to have a walkway all the way around the arena at ground level as well as a walkway *ON* the arena that slightly inclines so that there is a lookout point 20-40 ft above sea level for an amazing view!

  19. I live in the Brannan complex on 2nd and Brannan. Can any plugged in Socketsite readers explain to me what will happen to my real estate property value if this is built? I am inclined to believe this will be a bad thing. My views will not be obstructed.

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