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As we first reported last month:

Tishman Speyer has officially filed for their building permits to construct two towers rising 37 and 42 stories, and two 8-story plaza buildings, with a total of 669 new residential units over underground parking and street level retail on the 201 Folsom Street site.

Having missed the September 3, 2012 deadline to start construction per the terms of Planning’s approval for the massive 201 Folsom Street project, Tishman has also filed for an official extension.

The 42-story tower with 285 units will be tagged 301 Beale, the 37-story tower with 245 units will be 338 Main, and the two 8-story plaza buildings with 59 and 80 units will be 318 Main and 333 Beale respectively.

In other words, if you happen to see the request to postpone construction notice posted on the 201 Folsom Street site, or the October 11 Planning Commission agenda which includes the request for an extension, don’t panic. It’s procedural.
Once again, the building permits have been filed for all four buildings, but an extension is now needed having missed the September deadline to start construction.
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8 thoughts on “201 Folsom Street Scoop: Don’t Panic, The Extension Is Procedural”
  1. Those towers plunging into the ground will ruin the public realm down at the street level. This plan needs to be revamped using a tower + podium design. Urban planning 101 folks….

  2. ^Um, what? Functionally this is a tower + podium design EXACTLY like the Infinity next door. Not sure what you mean?

  3. I’m trying to visualize the towers “plunging into the ground”. Are there seismic concerns we should be aware of?

  4. I assume VancouverJones means towers over a podium with retail on the ground floor, not towers next to a podium/mid-rise like the Infinity which creates public realm dead zones down each block. “plunging into the ground” probably refers to a lack of retail.

  5. The base of both towers and mid-rises for both this site and the Infinity is all retail or townhouses with doors directly to the street. Again, not understanding what he’s talking about?

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