601 Dolores

Citing concerns that the Children’s Day School’s proposed changes to 601 Dolores would “substantially impact [the building’s] historical significance and its qualifications as a historical resource,” the historic stewards at 629 Dolores filed a legal appeal to block the proposed renovations at 601 Dolores, including the addition of a roof deck, over which the neighbors’ own newly added roof deck just so happens to peer.

With the Day School having since agreed to limit the use of their proposed roof deck to 20 hours a week between 9am and 5pm (not including 11am to 1pm during which use will only be allowed three days a week during the school year), and no more than six times a year between 6pm and 9pm, the neighbors have suddenly abandoned their historic concerns and are now perfectly fine with the potential impact on the building’s historical significance and its qualifications as a historical resource which will likely be approved next week.

2 thoughts on “Dolores Park NIMBY’s Suddenly Abandon Their “Historic” Concerns”
  1. One of the neighbors right to the south, seeing the writing on the chalkboard, has decided to move. Must be nice to have money to be able to pick up stakes so easily, but also begs the question as to their wisdom of choosing the location to begin with.

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