1250 Jones #1601 Bedroom
Purchased as a two-bedroom with two baths for $3,025,000 in 2008 and since remodeled by architect Andrew Skurman as a one-bedroom with one and one-half baths, the 1,642 square foot Clay Jones (1250 Jones Street) condo #1601 is back on the market and asking $4,495,000 ($2,738 per square foot).
1250 Jones #1601 Living
Now touting Baccarat mirrors, Tasso marble, and an electric La Cornue in the kitchen.
1250 Jones #1601 Kitchen
∙ Listing: 1250 Jones #1601 (1/1.5) – $4,495,000 [1250jones1601.com]
A SocketSite Smackdown: Gas Versus Electric In The Kitchen [SocketSite]

43 thoughts on “Asking $4.5 Million Per Bedroom (And There’s Only One)”
  1. The Hall of Mirrors is tasteful and reflects the apex of an architectural period.
    This is what Nouveau Riche can do with too much money and too little taste and an army of sycophant architects/interior designers/antique dealers/contractors with a vested interest in seeing this monstrosity being done at a great expense.
    Someone calls Mariah Carey. Glitter Part Deux must absolutely be shot there.

  2. It must have taken a full day to photoshop out the camera from all of those pictures reflecting the camera person. I’m not going to even speculate on the asking price or selling price of this place. But I’m not sure how one could justify that much money on ~1900 square feet. And what are the monthly fees?
    Surprised the range in the kitchen didn’t get a cameo on the SS photoshoot.

  3. Monthly fees are 1067.67 per mls.
    Interestingly, the MLS was updated in 2008 as a confidential sale with the asking price of $2,495,000; but public records do show the $3,025,000 sale price.
    $3M even in 2008 for this place seems high.

  4. What’s wrong with you people? This is one of the most beautifully designed bachelor pads I’ve ever seen. I love it!

  5. Kinda reminds me of this similarly cluttered and chrome plated place: https://socketsite.com/archives/2009/05/3022_washington_returns_with_the_wsj_quote_of_the_day.html
    And is that a unicorn inside a four poster crib in photo #7?
    I’m a big fan of crazy whimsy but when I see a place like this it is a reminder that the extremely rich can often be a poor custodian of wealth. Not even four years of enjoyment extracted out of this expensive remodel.

  6. What’s wrong with you people?
    The bathroom is missing a flat screen tv and has only a single chandelier. All the ceilings need to be covered with Reynolds wrap, not just the one in the dining room. The taffetta curtains need to be painted with silver to match the furniture. The suspended bird cages should be pink instead of orange and white. The walls are too barren, and would be improved with some medieval coats of arms and a few Kinkades. It also looks a bit empty, so we can break up the monotony with a life size replica of a Disney character, adorned with a few kilos of solid gold chains.

  7. What about parking? What is the walk index? Is it served by muni? Does allowing this serve the necessary increased denisty of SF.
    Welcome to the “real SF”. The rest of us live in converted garages and trailers and can only dream of livable spaces.

  8. “Most of the furniture seems to have been optimized for cocaine consumption.”
    For the win.

  9. @EBGuy
    Are you saying that the Boissets owned this? If so, that makes some sense. They spend most of the time in Napa, so this is their pied-a-terre. They probably mostly use it to host parties for the clients of their wineries. As such, it’s not really a place to live; it’s an over-the-top statement about their brand. Like a commercial for Chanel, except you can actually visit this. I don’t like it as a home; but, as an ad, it’s very glamorous.

  10. “And is that a unicorn inside a four poster crib in photo #7?”
    Yes, and it looks worried that it will end up like that odd furry thing across the room on the couch.

  11. Anybody know what the provenance of those lighting fixtures is? No doubt, super expensive, but I find them rather ugly.

  12. The cost and aesthetics of those ceiling light fixtures don’t bother me, it is how you dust and clear out the spider webs. But I guess that’s a problem for the “help”.

  13. Well, with the massive Windex job and the light fixtures dust chores, they’ll need an extra floor to house the help.

  14. The Ice Princess called and she wants her apartment back. And if you messed with her unicorn you are in big trouble.

  15. Big fan of Andrew Skurman’s design sensibilty. Lovely to behold. Could never live in it.
    If I were a wealthier and had more help, maybe…

  16. Are you saying that the Boissets owned this?
    And just to bring things full circle, as anon94123 pointed out, Jean-Charles Boisset and Gina Gallo own the former Mondavi residence in Napa (as featured on Socketsite).

  17. “What about parking? What is the walk index?”
    Ha, the walk index . . . .the walk index is not on a scale of 0 to 100, it’s on a scale of maybe 90 to 100.

  18. I’m glad I finished my coffee before I read the first several comments of this thread. Love it! 🙂

  19. Sorry they’re selling this place. This family seems to fit right in.
    Even the kids’ names are pompous pseudo-noblesse befitting to Bourgeois Gentilhommes.

  20. @guest14: ha! I just made those smoked salmon deviled eggs cause my girl took a pic of the recipe from that magazine at the dentist’s office last week.. they’re quite good and rich.

  21. For their next dinner party they can hire the guy who paints himself silver and hangs out at Union Square to serve; he’ll blend right in.

  22. That’s so funny…the article was published in April, 2012. Part of the marketing effort for the sale?

  23. This is the ultimate girly pied a terre fantasy home (at least for me, being a woman). I love the dark floors, the mirrors, the purple dining chairs, the lighting fixtures, the window treatments. It’s the ultimate princess palace. Makes me want to put on heels and a ball gown.
    Of course that’s the issue — a very narrow market.

  24. I LOVE it! It’s totally unlivable, way too over the top and would give me vertigo/migraines/double vision but WOW. Let’s hear it for way too much money and the people who enable them.
    Memo to self: call the mirror company on Monday.

  25. The duvet cover in the bedroom looks just like the one I bought in Chinatown for $50. So they are saving money, somewhere.

  26. Tse-ven Soong, choked himself to death by a chicken bone in this apt in 1977. He’s one of the most influential and rich politician in China back in the 1930s-40s.

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