Thermador Induction Cooktop

We’ll admit it. When perusing properties, an electric range in the kitchen can stop us in our tracks (and not in a good way). And while it’s not such a big deal when it’s a matter of choice (and can be changed), it gives us pause when it’s a matter of construction (and can not).

We happen to be partial to the feel, control and range of cooking with gas; but we realize that for others it’s possibly a non-issue. Electric cooktops have made great strides from the bare electric coils of years past, and induction cooktops are gaining momentum based on speed, safety, and efficiency (we’ve never had the pleasure). And of course, there are simply those who aren’t nearly as food centric (we have a much harder time identifying with these people).

Regardless, we have to wonder, does an all electric kitchen currently have any discernible impact on resale value or days on the market for properties in San Francisco? And are there any “foodie” readers who swear by their electric/induction cooktops?

UPDATE: Based on Greg’s comments, we’ve been checking out the Thermador website (they provide a great overview of induction cooktops). And we’re still looking for some agent insight with regard to the impact (if any) of an all electric kitchen in terms of resale.