350 Hill Kitchen

The sale of 350 Hill Street closed escrow on Friday with a reported contract price of $3,250,000 ($956 per square foot). While that’s 4 percent under its list price of $3,395,000, it’s 12 percent over its sale price of $2,900,000 in 2009.

To repeat a sentiment we’ve stated before: Design matters, damn it (as do views).

Once again, the Maniscalco designed Dolores Heights property was featured on the 2011 AIA Home Tour and offers four bedrooms across three levels with big windows, an open floor plan, and some rather nice and recognizable indoor-outdoor living off the kitchen.

350 Hill Rear Facade

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon1

    Pretty typical reault for this spring 2012 SF market, unfortunately. 2006 all over again.

  2. Posted by James

    .0117*3.3e6 = $38610 in taxes/year
    Who can afford that type of tax bill?

  3. Posted by no_ vally

    @James: I think most people above entry level part-time janitorial staff at FB would qualify (or so the press would have you believe)…
    On the topic of affordability, say the buyer put 20% down and financed ~$2.6mm. A 5/1 ARM on this amount would run around $7k/mo before tax benefits, call it $5.5k/mo net financing cost. So even with a high tax bill, still compares favorably with trying to find a rental of similar quality in Noe (and flush monthly cash).

  4. Posted by Judith

    Nice, but why do these contemporary all look the same?

  5. Posted by justme

    Who can afford that type of tax bill?

    Um, the same folks who can afford to drop more than three mil on a house, I presume. Somehow, though three plus grand a month may seem like a good bit, I’d bet that’s not really the limiting factor for people looking to buy in this range.

  6. Posted by sayno_tocrack

    7k on a 2.6M loan? You’re smoking crack.

  7. Posted by no_ vally

    @sayno: yes, those rates do exist. When markets are tanking around the U.S. and there are only a few bright pockets where trends are strong, foreclosures few and prices increasing, banks are going to compete hard to build books of mortgages around those places. In the Bay Area, First Republic is probably the most aggressive and will bid hard if it likes the buyer and property. I’m honestly no shill (just a customer)…with them (and good credit stats of course), you can get down to $7k/mo on $2.6mm.

  8. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    ^^^ Seems like the rest of the answer would be the loan terms. Is it $7k/mo for a 30yr fixed? Not likely or even possible. Or is that a teaser rate for the first 2 years? Or something in between?

  9. Posted by ReadingForRealtors

    Zero Interest
    2.6M / 360 Months = 7222

  10. Posted by no_ vally

    ^^^ call it the return of the dreaded IO/ARM or whatever, but yes, non-amortizing, interest only 5/1 ARM can get to $7k/mo on $2.6mm principal amount.
    Main point is that some banks whose mortgage origination arms are moribund but for a few pockets throughout the nation are willing to be aggressive in order to build portfolios and buy market share. Not just a random event that FRB’s newest office will be on 24th across from La Bou.

  11. Posted by sparky-b

    “dreaded IO/ARM”
    not dreaded by people who have them…2.6!

  12. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    It seems like the IO/ARM is very useful for anyone expecting to flip but a futile way for a homeowner to finance. It basically amounts to paying to put a property on layaway.

  13. Posted by sparky-b

    Sorry, my ARM is not I/O. I should have clarified that.

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